Easy pattern – beautiful color – nice structure – The Keep on Keepin´on Scarf

Sometimes it’s the simple things. It doesn’t always have to be super advanced, top-notch, high level crochet. Relax with an easy combination of chains and stitches. In my humble opinion it is one of the most relaxing, nearly meditative activity to repeat the same stitchcombination on and on, again and again. And on and on, and again and again.

In this case it is a combination of a chain2 and a “splitted” 4dc together. I do consider this more as a stitchcombination than a pattern and I do guess that most of you are able to figure it out on your own. But just in case you do need a guiding hand i have written down my version.

Free Pattern

I used three balls of Scheepjes Wanderlust Reykjavik. The colours of this yarn really create a nordic feeling. By using almost the whole yarn of three 100gram balls, my scarf reached a length of nearly 2meters which is just perfect to wrap it around my neck twice. That  is the way to wear your scarf when the temperature is falling under minus twenty.

More adventures ahead. More to come soon from up north…


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  1. Hi Martin, i found the pattern through the link you mentioned in an earlier comment. However, the link to the pattern doesn’t work. The link on this page refers to a slightly different page it has “….com/2017/12/04/….” in the link name. The link that you mentioned in your comments (that works) has the date of 2017/12/05 in the linkname.

    Great pattern. Will try this! Thanks

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