“Nomad by Fate” straight / blanket version – Free Pattern Inside

After I released the The “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap  quite a lot of people asked for a blanket/square version. I was sure that it was easy to adapt but in the end I realised, that I had to write a whole new pattern, even if the graphical pattern is the same. So this took longer than expected.

I decided to make a seven colour version this time, using Scheepjes Colour Crafter again.

It was also an opportunity to step outside my own comfort zone and use colours I usually would not call my favourites.

From left to right: 1061 / Meppel, 1828 / Zutphen, 1023 / Tiel, 1241 / Den Bosch, 1432 / Heerlen, 1390 / Amersfoort, 1240 / Ommen

I guess my colour choice can be summed as “candyshop”.

To make things as easy as possible for you I also decided to write a chart this time for those of you who have a hard time reading all abbreviations. I really hope this will help.

FREE PATTERN Nomad by Fate – blanket – charts (U.S./European/U.K./German)

I recommend to read the general pattern notes to understand the pattern even if you decide to use the chart. I think using  both, chart and written pattern will be the easiest way to crochet the pattern even if it is of course fully possible to just follow the written instructions.

FREE PATTERN – Nomad by Fate – blanket – U.S./European Version

FREE PATTERN – Nomad by Fate – blanket- U.K. Version

FREE PATTERN – Nomad by Fate – Decke – deutsche Version

The pattern is not tested. If you find mistakes or have questions, contact me here, on Instagram or Facebook.

As I wanted to release this pattern as fast as possible, I did not manage to crochet a whole blanket. It is more a sample, but it worked out just fine. The pattern is highly adjustable in length and width. So it really does not matter if you want to crochet a pillow or a king size afghan.

My blanket needed a proper blocking this time and I also heard that a few people had to step down one needle size when crocheting my patterns. It may be so, that I crochet harder than others… So do not follow the pattern blindly.

I am really curious how you are going to use this pattern. Colour choices, sizes and adoptions… really looking forward to see your creations.

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog  www.martinupnorthblog.wordpress.com and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!

More adventures ahead, more to come soon from up north…


35 thoughts on ““Nomad by Fate” straight / blanket version – Free Pattern Inside

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      1. Hahahaha let’s say a week😂😂😂 i just don’t sleep. Im really not that fast 😋


  1. Thank You for your generosity in sharing your many hours of hard work, and your patterns with us. Your creations are awesome, you do beautiful work. I’ll definitely be making several of your designs.

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    1. I love this pattern and have started making one. After row 2 it sats to fasten off. Then a t row 3 it says join yarn. Is there suppoae to be a color change here?

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  2. Amazing Martin. A beautiful pattren and a brillaint realization of how to adapt from another pattern a totally new realization. I defintely am going to try this out as I love texture in crcohet but I seem to work much more slowly than you…my 300 stitch baseline blanket using mainly post sticthes I started about 5 weeks ago is only one third complete and I worka few rows every day on a pattern not nearly as complex. I managed to make my larger version of Stardust Melodies see on my Ravelry page RoyG and have some idea of how particular pattern blocks can be developed. Polly Plum uses mainly stitches into back loop only to form the textures.
    You must have an an incredibly well developed geo-spatially sensitive brain to have engineered the turnaround of the stitches like that.
    Thanks for sharing and keep going thinking.
    Chok Di (good luck in Thai and as its just been Thai New year here this week: Sawadee Pi Mai= happy New Year).

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  3. This pattern is the closest I have ever seen to bargello needlepoint…really distinctive. Worth finding a baby for it, not to mention a yarn sequence. Thank you very much, Martin, so good of you.

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  4. Thank you so much for giving us this pattern and for all your hard work in making it happen ( apparently I’m a poet but didn’t know it!) . My to do list has grown by one! Blessings

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  5. Thank you Martin! You have such a talent. I feel blessed to have found your patterns. Please be encouraged to keep up the great pattern/color creations. I look forward to seeing more from you. God bless you and your family! From Wisconsin in the U.S.A.

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  6. Great design…
    I am still only working on my skills with a crochet but I keep this pattern close by for when I feel confident to start it.
    I never find enough time to finish my knitting projects to be more steady on crochet learning… 😔

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  7. Very Beautiful pattern to look at. It just sends great vibrations into my eyes to see a bargello type pattern. I Love them. I would love more from you on this type of work. Thanks.

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  8. I seem to just go round and round trying to find the ACTUAL PATTERN! Where is it? Lots of information, but no actual pattern – or is it just me?


    1. I do think it is just you. Three red links (us, uk and german) approximately in the middle of all text. Hope you have fun!


  9. I love this version of Apache Tears, I recently finished a king size of this stitch where I used 16 colors, mixed up each time so it would not look “striped” but I never thought to do the beautiful shading you have created here!

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  10. I love this design you’ve created, and the colors you chose are very eye-catching!
    I’m wondering how it might look without all the individual colors and just a solid color, or maybe a Mandala yarn with the slow transfer of color.
    Just curious.

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  11. This is an amazing pattern. I made a 14 color version using your shawl colors and won 1st prize at the county fair! Thank youI I’m planning another one for next year.

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  12. I made this blanket with the 7 shades ( 5 with white and black the lightest and darkest of each) of 6 different color stripes. I love it! Thank you for sharing!

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