The “Nomad by Fate” square – Free Pattern Inside

Here is just another amazing crochet story:

A few weeks after i released the “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap and“Nomad by Fate” blanket I got an E-mail. I was asked if it would be ok for me if a square inspired by my design would be released. I was deeply honoured and of course I was fine with that. When I saw the square I knew that I had to try it.

picture, work and design by “EchtGaaf Haken”

The design by “EchtGaaf Haken” (follow her on Instagram!) is called Arietis. And you will find it HERE

I was just amazed by here 5 colour version.

But I also felt that I wanted to stuck with my 7 colour version as I think it gives the best “diamond” effect. So i contacted the designer if it would be ok to write my own “Nomad by Fate ” square pattern which is highly inspired by her. She said yes and here we are now. As I sent her the first pictures of my square, she left me with the phrase “oh I think I have an idea….” so the inspiring process might not be over yet. My pattern is not only a 7 colour version, it is also slightly different in a few ways.

After all i think that this story really shows what this pattern writing thing is all about. It is possible to crochet my pattern from the first row/round to the last row/round in exactly the same yarn and colours. But it is much more fun if you find your own version that fits your needs.

So here is my version:

FREE PATTERN “Nomad by Fate” square U.S. / European Version

FREE PATTERN “Nomad by Fate” square U.K. Version

The pattern is not tested. If you find mistakes or have questions, contact me here, on Instagram or Facebook.

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!

I used Scheepjes Catona this time as it has a rich colour range  (Even the Arietis square is made in Catona). The easiest way to find a nice 7 colour combination is to line up the yarn from light to dark (or the other way around). Start on one end of the line (yarn g) and then jump to the other end (yarn a) making your way back to the first end, using all colours one by one.

Here are a few 7 colour combination suggestions:

Yarn codes, left to right: A: 130, B: 392, C:512, D: 245, E: 515, F: 387, G: 110


Yarn colour codes, left to right: G: 106, F: 173, E: 247, D: 261, C: 508, B: 521, A: 124


Yarn colour codes, left to rigth. G: 101, F: 522, E: 208, D: 281, C: 390, B: 115, A: 192


I would not be surprised if this is not the end of the “Nomad by Fate” pattern yet.

More adventures ahead. More to come soon from up north.


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  1. SIMPLY STUNNING ! Thank you for the free patterns. You are kind to share your beautiful work. I am house bound most of the time and crafts are my only outlet. Bless you. Kathryn J from Utah

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