The Great Grey Owl

The great grey owl is the second largest owl here in the north. It is not very usual to meet her (there is a reason why she is called “the phantom of the north”) but this year was kind of exceptional. A lot of owls where around. A few theories spread that either it is because of the forest fires we had last year and the owls have to find new territories or it is a year with extreme much/little food, that they come out of the woods.

The experience with the first owl this year was kind of special and is worth a little history.

I was on my way back home from work, my camera with me, as usual. In the far I saw a brown plastic or paper bag weaving on a stick. It was kind of windy and this bags are not unusual as they mark places where someone crashed with an animal.


As I came closer and passed the bag, I realized that the bag had a face…


I pulled over and grabbed my camera. These animals are on top of the food chain. So they usually do not have a reason to flee. The owl let me come close but then my camera died. Battery empty… Photographers nightmare. As I said before these owls are usually shy and rare. I use to see maybe one once a year but often not in the bright daylight to take good pictures. So I just had to accept the fact that this opportunity was gone.

So the first thing I did when I came home was, that I charged my camera.

Next day on my way to work something incredible happened. The owl was still there, sitting on a stick on the other side of the row. I was a little late for work but I still thought that it was worth risking my job to get a few god shots. So I pulled over again and the owl did not show any signs of leaving the stage. So here are the results….


I was happy as any “photographer” can be. But a few days later I met the next owl. Sitting in a tree near my house. Camera was charged and I was not in a hurry…  I was able to observe the owl for a long time and could experience how she changed her position several times.  I made about 200 pictures and a few of them are really not that bad.


Wingspan: 150cm


I met the same owl a few days later sitting next to the little road which leads to the house. She did not leave her position when I slowly passed her with my car. I swear I could have pet her as she was so close. I have not been able to take any picture because she simply was to close for my lens that has a focusing distance of about 1,3 meter. Failed again… but I am still pretty satisfied with this owl season.

Hope you enjoy the pictures.

More to come soon from up north…




22 thoughts on “The Great Grey Owl

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  1. Beautiful! Such a face. I sometimes hear owls hooting from the trees behind our house in the wee hours. Rarely do I see them. Thank you for this treat!

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  2. Wonderful pictures, thank you so much for being a bit late for work that day. I miss my owls, did have an old grain bin that they use to nest in, but that’s gone now.

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  3. Thank you so much for sharing these! We host a decent variety of owls in our orchard (on the central coast of California) but while we hear them all night, we rarely see them, and never in such close proximity. Owl eyes are mesmerizing, and their faces remind me that they are ancient creatures, direct descendants of dinosaurs.


  4. Glorious! Thank you for sharing your adventures with an owl species I’ll never have an opportunity to see in person. Such beauty and perfection. Will make sure I share with my granddaughter.
    Greetings in Oregon.

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  5. Esoterisch angehauchte würden sagen, die Eule ist dein Krafttier 😉 Und der Fuchs und der Hirsch undundund… Sehr schöne Fotos! Danke fürs Teilen 🌼

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  6. Beautiful. I love this birth. When I’m little girl i hear them at night singing, and i enjoy so much!! Congratulation de photos are spectacular, Sorry for my poor english, i’m spanish and portuguese speaker. Cidalia

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