Crochet Hack: Every now and then I fall apart.

Ok, this is not really crochet. But here is the thing: I really like pompoms. I really like huge, massive pompoms. I think this gives your hat that special something. But I hate pompoms that loosen. That means that there are tiny bits of yarn everywhere. And as i am a father of two wildlings who always (!!!) take off their hats by drawing and pulling at the top of their hats, pompoms that fall apart have become a problem up here.

So i know, this doesn’t make the world a better place but it solves the problem of loosening pompoms for me. Use a cable binder. All technicians know that there isn’t a problem which can not be solved with a cable tie or duck tape. In this case it is a cable tie!

All you need is one cable tie, scissors, your favorite yarn, 2 empty toilet paper roll or one empty kitchen paper roll (in 2 pieces)

Roll the yarn over both toilet paper rolls. This is a quite common method to to make a pompom. It is really not rocket science. keep on rolling. You want your pompoms to be huge and fluffy. If you think you have used enough yarn. Keep on rolling for at least 25 times. Now you are allowed to cut the yarn.

Cut a long thread of the same yarn and place it between your toilet rolls. Pull as hard as you can and make a knot. (This is the quite common version of pompom making). You may use the thread to attach your pompom later. So do not cut it short.

Now the cable tie is used in the same way as the thread. Place it between the rolls and pull tight, as hard as possible. You want your pompom to last, right?

Place the scissors in one roll and cut all yarn strings on one side. Than switch to the other side.

You may cut a little here and there to make the pompom round and even. Your pompom is finished. Don’t forget to cut the cable binder short as it may look weird if a plastic antenna is sticking out of your pompom.

More adventures ahead. More to come soon from up north…


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  1. Reblogged this on Mignon Crochet and commented:
    Voici une super solution de Martin pour faire tenir un pompon. comme il dit, ça ne révolutionne pas notre monde, mais au moins voici un porblème de réglé LOL.


  2. waxed linen thread/string works great because it catches back on itself & locks into position & stays! and it’s washable & dryable too! not sure zip/cable ties would survive in s dryer. do they Martin?? very curious to know! thx


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