WIP „Connected“

So this is my current “work in progress”. I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little update what I am working with and how I am doing it.

I got this picture of my main tester and partner in crochet crime (@sunshineyalex on Instagram). She saw it and thought that it would make a very good crochet pattern. I totally agreed and immediately started to crochet. 


Source: https://mathematikalpha.de/

And for all you nerds out there: It is a  square-curve: Lindenmayer system:
X -> XF-F+F-XF+F+XFF+F-X (whatever this means)


It is a mathematical fractal pattern which is never-ending and doubling itself.

imageI already showed you the colors I have chosen in an earlier post.

This time i decided that the pattern matches the “one-row mosaic technique” better than the ” two rows” method I often use. I also thought that I will use this post to show you the general differences between this two possibilities. (US terms used)

It is very simple:

The one row technique uses only one row per chart row. You do not crochet on the wrong side. This means that you have to cut the yarn after every row and join the new yarn in every new row. Which also is the big disadvantage, because it means a lot of loose ends. All scs are worked in the back loop only which makes the front loop accessible for dcs which you lay over one row. In this way you cover the row beneath with the yarn you work with. The fact that you do scs in blo all the time also means, that it is possible to have far more dcs next to each other and still have a good structure in the fabric.



It is the technique great Tinna of Iceland is using in most of her patterns. You will find a lot of tutorials and wonderful patterns  HERE and HERE!


I had the honor to meet Tinna when I was visiting Iceland. 

The two row technique uses two rows for every chart row. This means that you turn your work and crochet on right side and on wrong side. You turn your work after every row, which means that you do not have to cut yarn after every row but you can simply pick it up after every second row and that means: no loose ends. Nothing to weave in. You crochet your scs through both loops which like normal scs. To be able to place your dcs in a spot two rows below you have to “create” this spot by skipping scs and do ch2 chains instead. By doing that you leave out a space for the dc you lay over the two rows below. Disadvantage with this method it that you “stretch out” the pattern a little. 

img_7722“One Step Beyond” Blanket – Free Pattern 

I used this technique in a lot of my patterns and even wrote  A short introduction: Mosaic Crochet about it. I learned the technique of LILLA BJÖRN CROCHET when I crocheted her NYA MOSAIC BLANKET. She is a wizard with the hook and in my opinion the best overall crochet designer in the world. 

But back to my WIP: I work on two versions at the same time. A smaller and a bigger one. The smaller one is going to be a cushion and the bigger one a blanket (or a triangle wrap depending if I have the guts to finish it.)

The pattern is worked from corner to corner. Increasing with every with 2 stitches and then back again. 

img_7546SCHEEPJES Stone Washed Canada Jade / Moon Stone

To tackle the challenge with the loose ends I am going to copy Tinnas strategy of the double border. You hide the ends in the border so to say. More when the pattern is written and the item is finished.


SCHEEPJES River Washed  Steenbras / Narmada

My plan is to hurry up and release the smaller pattern asap. The bigger one follows the same pattern but the writing of the pattern will take more time. 

If you are ready to buy your Scheepjes Yarn. HERE is a list of shops. For the cushion / smaller square  you will need 3 balls Scheepjes Stone Washed or Scheepjes River Washed in each color plus 1 ball for the border. For the big version you will need loads of yarn (not finished in any way…)

Stay tuned. More to come soon from up north… 

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog  www.martinupnorthblog.wordpress.com and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!




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  1. I LOVE your “Connected” design! But I’m wondering why not work it in the round, to avoid all the cut ends? It seems to me this design is a perfect candidate for “in the round”.

    Love all your designs — thank you!!!

    Mary <<**<<**<<**<<**<<**<<**

    Mary Westland mj.westland@verizon.net


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  2. I’ve tried mosaic stitch recently. Interested to learn that there are two types. Fascinating shape for your crochet pattern. Shame you can’t do it in all those lovely rainbow colours. 🙂


  3. Thanks for sharing this. That’s a neat pattern for sure. Looks like it would need concentration, though. I’m currently working in Tinna’s Terazzo blanket.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Thank you! What a helpful article. I just found mosaic crochet through Tinna, LillaBjorn and you! I love it! Thank you for explaining the the differences and uses of the one or two row method. And, what a delight to see you with Tinna! isn’t it wonderful how we can come together from all over the world!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my! I’ve found a new love even though I’m just going to start to learn mosaic. Me thinks I’m embarking on a great new and interesting adventure!

    Liked by 1 person

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