Connected – stor fyrkant – kuddstorlek – på svenska – gratis mönster

Det första mönstret i "CONNECTED" serien. Virkat in SCHEEPJES  River washed och en Stone Washed kant. Enough talking  -let´s crochet! Mer information om mönstret och mosaic tekniken på engelska kan du hitta här: Something new… WIP „Connected“ I’m gonna get myself CONNECTED En större version kan du hiatta HÄR: Om du vill stötta mitt arbete kan... Continue Reading →

The “Mixtape” loop

A new knitting pattern. A big loop that keeps you warm during the cold winter days. It is in fact a variation of 11 classic nordic knitting patterns and that is also why I call it the MIXTAPE loop. It is knitted in the round with a 3,50mm circular needle. As i knit kind of... Continue Reading →

The “Common People” hat – FREE PATTERN inside

  Back to basic, to create something wearable. A crocheted item for people who do not like crocheted items. A handmade hat that doesn’t look handmade. Perfect fit. That was the goal. A hat that keeps you warm and is usable every day.     It all started with a simple need. I needed a […]

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