Connected – cushion sized square – US and Dutch terms – FREE PATTERN INSIDE

So here is it. The first pattern in the "CONNECTED" series. Made in SCHEEPJES  River washed with a Stone Washed border. Enough talking  -let´s crochet! You can find more information about the pattern and the process here: Something new… WIP „Connected“ I’m gonna get myself CONNECTED If you want to go for a bigger version, just... Continue Reading →

WIP: Happiness comes in waves

I already told you that there is a new crochet blanket in my mind. And this idea made it to my hook and now I am in the middle of crocheting this pattern. Simple as that. The pattern is based on the wavy border pattern which is quite common. There are a lot of tutorials... Continue Reading →

WIP „Connected“

So this is my current "work in progress". I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little update what I am working with and how I am doing it.I got this picture of my main tester and partner in crochet crime (@sunshineyalex on Instagram). She saw it and thought that it... Continue Reading →

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