Outside the color comfort zone

We all are different, we all have our personal preferences and that also applies to our craft and the colors we like to choose for our projects. I am not sure if we always are aware of our choices and our very own color comfort zone. We choose yarn and colors that simply feel right... Continue Reading →

The HEINZ blanket

After all I could finish this massive blanket right to the start of the winter holidays here in Sweden. It has got the name "Heinz". This is not a cooperation with the american ketchup company. It happens that "Heinz" is the name of my father who always has been very supportive with all the choices... Continue Reading →

There is s new yarn in town

So my friends in the Netherlands and long term cooperation partner Scheepjes released a new yarn, or to be more precisely a new yarn series, or to be more precisely it’s not only a new yarn series: The 167 year old company has, after releasing the Scheepjes Terrazzo yarn (70% Recycled Mulesing Free Wool x... Continue Reading →

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