Snowflake Winter Coasters

I wanted to crochet a winter blanket last year. A really nice one, simple and easy with winter motives like snowflakes. And so I found this snowflake pattern by Lois Olson on Ravelry. It never became a whole blanket. But the pattern came to my mind again, when I was thinking about this years winter decoration. So i decided to have less ambitious goals this season and make some coasters.

My yarn of choice is Scheepjes Cotton 8 and even if I wanted to crochet six coasters in the same colours, my girls had a different opinion. It has to be colourful! At least I was allowed to pick the colours of the bigger pot holder all by myself. I also decided to make an extra round of single crochets in white yarn as a border.

I joined seven red/white snowflakes by sewing them together in the backloop. Then I added a white border in simple single crochets.


The coasters looked really nice after I blocked them. But here’s the thing: I know that this coasters will be in heavy use during christmas holidays. And even if the edges were neat and straight i knew that this will change as soon as granny places here heavy cup of coffee on them.

So I decided to add stiff felt (3mm) on the backside of every coaster to keep them in everlasting shape. This is not rocket science, it is really simple but has the effect that you may use your coasters even next year and that the coasters will lay flat on every table forever.

Have fun and merry Christmas. And do not forget to listen to “Fairytale of New York” by The Pogues.

More adventures ahead, more to come soon from up north…




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  1. I rarely read the blog posts, because they usually go on and on about the benefits about whatever they are writing about. But I read yours with interest and you really inspired me ☺️ Thank you 🙏

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