The northern lights are finally back

After a rather boring winter when it comes to northern lights they came finally back on the 14th of march. A cold and clear night – perfect conditions. I saw them through my window, appearing right over my neighbors (who is my mother in law) house.

My mother in law watching the northern lights over her house.They seemed to move away from the house. So I tried to walk a bit through the woods that surround our houses to reach the open field to see the lights in all its glory .Unluckily the strongest northern lights where visible when I was on my way through the forrest. I managed to take a few pictures but when I reached the open field the aurora borealis was nearly gone.I was really happy to see you again my dear green friend even though I didn’t find the very perfect position this time hope to see you again soon.

More adventures ahead, more to come soon from up north…


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  1. Beautiful and amazing! Maybe someday I will get to see them in person. How do you know when they are going to appear? Do the local news folk announce that it will be a good night to view them and that conditions are right for them to appear? I am sure they don’t announce their coming with a trumpet fanfare (although worthy of that!).

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    1. it is more a feeling you develope when you life in the north. It has to be a cold night, without clouds. That raises the odds. And there are a lot of apps which try to predict the northern lights or solar activity. Efter all it is just luck. I see them through my window so that is an advantage, but I am sure i missed some in the last years.


  2. How beautiful! I’ve never seen the northern lights and I can hardly imagine to see those lights in the sky! =)
    You still have so much snow? Where do you live?

    Many greetings!
    Sandra (from Austria) =)

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    1. I am in the north of Sweden. We still have quite a lot if snow But it is getting warmer and warmer. Grüsse in die alte Heimat. Bin auch Österreicher.


      1. Oh – so eine Überraschung! =) Da muss ich mich ja gar nicht mit Englisch herumplagen *g*

        Bisher hat es mich immer eher in den warmen Süden gezogen, aber je älter ich werde, umso weniger mag ich die Hitze… Wenn meine Kinder in ein paar Jahren aus dem Haus sind, hab ich schon mal überlegt, mal in die andere Richtung zu gehen und mir mit einem Wohnmobil ein paar Monate die skandinavischen Länder anzusehen – aber nicht vor Juni, wenn ich mir deine Fotos anschaue! =)
        Gibt es die Nordlichter auch im Sommer?

        LG aus deiner alten Heimat!

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  3. unvorstellbar, so schön.
    es ist sicher ein riesenschritt und nicht einfach, ein neues leben ganz woanders anzufangen. aber es scheint sich zu lohnen.
    ich werd immer auch ein bissl traurig, wenn ich die tollen fotos seh, weil ich weiß, dass ich zu feig bin 😉

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  4. After your posting of the beautiful afghan you’re working on, I had to track you down. Your work is truly amazing! Thank you for sharing! Your photographs are astounding! Literally take my breath away. Thank you!

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  5. Beautiful shots! Thank you for sharing….we were fortunate enough to see Northern Lights from the deck of Cruise Ship (Westerdam-Holland America) while we were cruising away from Alaska on a very cold night in early October. Cruise staff who’d taken that same cruise numerous times had NEVER seen them like that. Very exciting and incredibly beautiful! the PERFECT ending to an absolutely wonderful cruise!
    I was also fortunate to see them at home as a child – lived in NH and it was an extremely COLD night sometime mid-winter. There is nothing like it and photoshopped pix that studios try to show do NOT do them justice! there is no substitute for the real thing!

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    1. I totally agree. It is a challenge to try to capture their beauty. But I fail every time. Nothing compared to experience them in real life. Greetings from Sweden.


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