The “One Step Beyond” Blanket – Free Pattern Inside

A while ago I stumbled over the fantastic patterns of Maliha Design. I instantly bought her fantastic Walk in Woods pattern. The pictures were great and I was really looking forward to crochet this pattern. I was so blown away that I did not even realize, that it was a knitting pattern. I am not a very good knitter so I decided to adapt the pattern and change it a little to a blanket. I contacted Maliha Design and they have been so kind to give me permission to write a crochet pattern.

I always wanted to crochet a whole blanket with less colour but more structure, so this was the perfect opportunity to do so. I am in love with Scheepjes Cahlista since it has been launched. I used every colour in my The Move On Up Wrap so it was kind of hard to choose only three colours. I have to say that the Scheepjes Cahlista was the perfect choice for this blanket.

Finally I decided to use the colours Old LaceSaffron and Midnight. The combination of blue and white gives the blanket a maritime touch, doesn`t it? That was exactly what I wanted to achieve because this blanket is going to be a present for a friend of mine who is a passionate fisherman and he is soon going to be a daddy.

The Mosaic technique gives the the blanket a very nice texture and structure which in my opinion is just perfect for a baby blanket. As a father of two I know, that Babies want to feel, touch and play with their blankets. (Or maybe is it something special with my kids…)

Another advantage of using less colours is that you do not have to deal with tons of loose ends. The whole blanket actually has exactly 16 ends to sew in.

The whole pattern combines two different mosaic charts. The first one (I call it “The Snake”) is a multiple of 4 stitches (plus 5). The second one (“The Waves”) is a multiple of 16 stitches (plus 5). This makes this pattern adjustable by a multiple of 16 stitches, because those of us who know their maths easily can figure out that 4×4 is 16. The sides are also crocheted after “The Snake” chart. They do have a slightly different start and ending, that’s why the written pattern looks different.

The pattern is not tested! If you find mistakes or have troubles understanding please do not hesitate to contact me. or if it is urgent via Instagram.

Pattern update 6/3/2018: I found a little mistake in the pattern: In row 17 and 18 you ch2, skip 1 stitch (as you always do) and NOT ch1, skip 1 stitch. I changed that in the pattern now. Sorry for that.

Update: As a few people asked: Yarn A: OLd Lace, Yarn B: Saffron, Yarn C: Midnight Blue.

As I crochet very tight you may order one extra ball of Old Lace, and one of Midnight Blue so it is :

Yarn A: 10 balls colour 130 / old lace

Yarn B: 2 balls colour 249 / saffron

Yarn C: 7 balls colour 527 / midnight

I made an extra PDF with the mosaic charts so it will be easier for you to print them.

Free Pattern – One Step Beyond blanket U.S. / European Version

Free Pattern – One Step Beyond blanket U.K. Version 

Free Pattern – One Step Beyond Mosaic Charts

The wonderful and super talented Scheepjesblogger Christina of  A Spoonful of Yarn translated the pattern to dutch. Thank you very much!

Free Pattern – One Step Beyond Deken Nederlandse Versie

Free Pattern – One Step Beyond Deken Diagram Nederlandse Versie

The pattern is now available in german language too. The wonderful sine_wave helped me with that. She is not only a talented crocheter and knitter she captures also amazing pictures. Go check out her Instagram.

Free Pattern – One Step Beyond Decke – österreichische Version (deutsche Sprache)

Free Pattern _One Step Beyond Decke – Diagramme österreichische Version (deutsche Sprache)

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!

Have Fun!

More adventures ahead. More to come soon from up north…

77 thoughts on “The “One Step Beyond” Blanket – Free Pattern Inside

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      1. Thank you! I just made this in petrol blue, lace and saffron. My first time doing Mosaic, I was able to follow the instructions easily and I am beyond thrilled how beautiful this blanket is.

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    1. I have saved this as I would love to crochet something different. Thank you. Can I use the Cascade 220 superwash Merino instead? I believe it is Dk (#3) ?

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  1. Wowzers! What a feat of precision crochet! You deserve to be really proud of your finished piece and I’m sure it will be and remain, a treasured gift. I still have to acquire the knack of crocheting repeats without literally falling asleep, so I admire your discipline. 🙂

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    1. I do have the same problem. It is a big challenge to not change colours or stitches. But I really like the outcome so I try to keep focused and grit my teeth.


  2. I love this pattern, it looks fab! Dou you think it would work as a bathmat? I’ve been looking for something like this and the pattern (and the colours) is perfect

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for your kind words. I really do not know if this would make a good bathmat. I would tr to step down one hook size to make it tighter. This may work out fine. But there is no guarantee. Have fun!


    1. It is inspired of a knitting pattern. When I saw the original I instantly wanted to crochet it. First when I already bought the pattern I realized that it was a knitting pattern.


    1. Hallo, and first of all congratulations!! I changed the Dutch PDF version last week, and it looks good on my side. Do you mean the 1l / 2l mistake in row 17 and 18 or did you find another mistake? Thank you very much for the feedback!👍


  3. This is an amazing pattern, is there any chance that you could make a video to show how to to the mosaic parts please.
    Thanks in Advance!


  4. I’m about to make this blanket. I read the pattern, but i couldn’t find if color A is old lace, B midnight en C saffron? Or is B Saffron?

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  5. Hi! I love this pattern! I have a question, the mozaikdc is worked on front on the spaces, like a fpdc? Meaning i catch the yarn in front and not through the spaces? Thank you, this is on my do to list and when im good with the pattern, im making a bag with it😁


    1. Hi, no it is not worked like a fpdc. It is worked like a normal dc, but two rows below, and in front at the two ch2 chains. There are pictures in the written pattern to understand it. Have fun!


  6. Hallo
    I am working on these babyblanket. Your pattern is amazing. Thank you for sharing! Your explanation is so very clear, I can follow it without any experience how to do a blanket. But now, I don’t know how to proceed.
    On th side, row 3 (first in Diagramm) how did 101ch 155? By the way I follow the German instruction.

    Thank You.

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    1. You crochet down the long sides, not the one with 101 stitches. Soll ich es auf deutsch erklären? Ist das leichter? Viele liebe Grüsse aus Schweden.


  7. I’m very impressed by this pattern and your ability to convert it from knit! Wow!!! I love it! Im curious about how the pattern looks in the backside. Does the reverse side of the blanket have the pattern too? From the looks of the pattern I think it does, but I have a hard time visualizating a pattern without actually doing it. Thank you so much! It’s gorgeous!!!!

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    1. Hi, the blanket does not have the same pattern in the backside… i am going to post a picture of the backside soon. Greetings from Sweden.


  8. Love this pattern and I am certainly going to make it. Its wonderful and really genius. I think I will choose different colors so it matches in my living room.
    I am also very happy it is in Dutch too.
    Thx very much

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  9. I saw your pattern and I had to try it. I tried it with a acrylic yarn. I was afraid it would not “shape up” as well, but I figured I’d give it a try anyway. I turned out beautifully! I used black, ivory, and gold. I just love it. I’m considering using this pattern to crochet a bedspread. We’ll see how that goes.

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  10. Is the chart the pattern? What is the stitch sc, dc, hdc? what count is the chain to start if the chart is the stitch pattern for sc? or is it our choice? is the yarn cotton? It is beautiful! I would love to try it.


    1. Yes. That is exactly what you do. It is possible to cut yarn with every colour change (every second row) if yoy prefer loose ends to having a ball of yarn you are not working with attached to the piece all of the time. I got used to it and it is easier for me than sewing in hundreds of ends.


  11. Greetings from the Washington DC area! I am a beginner. My husband bought me a little book and a hook for Christmas this year and I can’t stop. So far I have made my first baby blanket and I am working on my second. I came across your “One Step Beyond” blanket on Pintrest and about lost my breath it is so beautiful. You are seriously inspiring me to hurry up an step up my crochet game. I still need to learn how to read patterns. I am finding this hindrance is slowing me down more than anything else–The pitfalls of learning from YouTube. But I am now signed up to follow you on your blog and very much look forward to seeing other stunning works that you create. I am really excited to have found you and even more excited to learn from you. And a bonus–you take pretty pictures too. The landscape helps too, I am sure. 🙂

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    1. Thanks for your kind words! Have fun learning new techniques. To learn how to read patterns is really the key to take the next step. I understand that it is not the most fun part of crochet. But it will really help you to take the next steps.
      Greetings from Sweden


  12. I keep trying to open the US pattern page and it says page cannot be found. I’ve checked my internet connection and it isn’t that. The chart won’t open as well.

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  13. Hi Martin. I’m just starting on the final two rows (the border). It has been a pleasure to make this Blanket.
    I have read some of the other peoples comments about how the center has been a real challenge to get through. 🙂
    The way I got through it is by only doing three to four repeats of the 19th to 26th rows at one sitting. Then I put it aside for about a week and worked on other projects.
    I also printed out the repeat section, rows 19-26, on a separate sheet of paper. I think it helped a lot.

    I am so lucky this was not a commissioned blanket. I have made it solely for its stunning beauty, with no one in mind to gift it to. (yet!) 🙂

    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful patterns.

    Kind Regards from Ontario, Canada


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  14. Hi from Switzerland here ! I’m gonna try to do this blanket, but I was wondering, is this blanket reversible ? I mean, does she have a “good side” and a “wrong side” ? I’m a bit confused by the fact that we “turn” at the end of each row, and not fasten off to begin with another color… Thanks !

    Liked by 1 person

    1. You will not have the same effect on the backside. It us crocheted in the 2 row mosaic technique so you avoid loose ends.


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