A summer project – still hooked on waves

My new summer project in the making. It is still a WIP but I can give you a some information that you might find interesting. Crocheted in the one row mosaic crochet technique using SCHEEPJES Cahlista as I also told you in the previous post about this blanket. As you can see it is a... Continue Reading →

WIP „Connected“

So this is my current "work in progress". I thought it would be a good idea to give you a little update what I am working with and how I am doing it.I got this picture of my main tester and partner in crochet crime (@sunshineyalex on Instagram). She saw it and thought that it... Continue Reading →

A short introduction: Mosaic Crochet

(Using us/european crochet terms in this post) What is mosaic crochet? This technique gives you the opportunity to crochet two colour patterns without changing yarn in one row or round. You simple can connect rows or rounds by skipping a stitch and "filling" the skipped stitch with a double crochet 2 rows or rounds later... Continue Reading →

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