Outside the color comfort zone

We all are different, we all have our personal preferences and that also applies to our craft and the colors we like to choose for our projects. I am not sure if we always are aware of our choices and our very own color comfort zone. We choose yarn and colors that simply feel right and in my case that leads to that i often am stuck with the same shades without even noticing it.

I often become aware of my own invisible boundaries when I am talking to other crafters or people outside our beloved little bubble, especially my kids who prefer totally different colors as I usually do.


They find combinations, I would never ever consider. And it is a very interesting process to visit their very own color comfort zone which lies far upon the horizon from where I usually stand.

For the process of choosing colors (in whoever’s comfort zone), it is a crystal clear advantage to have color cards at home or even the privilege to have whole color ranges of yarn at home. Another possibility which unfortunately becomes more and more rare is to go to the local yarn shop to see and feel yarn shades in their natural habitat.

This time we decided to dive deep into the wonderful colors of the classical SCHEEPJES COLOUR CRAFTER world.

The range of 93 strong and often vibrant colors are the perfect playground for my kids. They really got excited when choosing their own colors, placing balls of yarn together to see the contrast better. Considering different variations, deciding, dismissing and deciding again.

And in the end it always comes back to very vibrant shades, high contrasts and of course a little pink has to be part of the project.

Deventer / Mechelen

The colors they finally chose are Deventer/Mechelen with a Zwolle/Amsterdam border and Spa/Chaleroi/The Hague/Amsterdam with a Hilversum/Delft border

Oh! You might also want to know what I am going to do with those colors. The kids found an older design which never become a pattern but now they wanted to have their very own, personalized cushion. The pattern will be written soon and it will be highly adaptable. I do have an idea to use it in another way too… with colors I choose all on my own, returning to my personal comfort zone.

Spa/The Hague and Deventer/Mechelen scraps

The new project is going to be made in the mosaic technique and we need to chain 102 stitches.

As planned I am going to use 2 balls of the main color (if you crochet tight you might be able to be good with one ball) and 1 ball for the contrast color which also can be used for the border if you do not want to buy too much yarn.

Buy your yarn at the local yarn shop: Scheepjes Dealers . If you do not have the possibility to buy local, you can order your Scheepjes yarn at Wool Warehouse or Jimmy Beans Wool

More to come soon from up North…


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