Work In Progress – a new huge blanket in the making.

“It takes more time than expected” might be the phrase I used the most on this blog. And it is true. My bigger blanket projects take often much more time than estimated in the beginning. And I am not only talking about pure crochet time in a sense of hours you spend on your projects. I always have some periods where I need to lay this bigger projects aside and work on something else, to not lose the joy of creating. It takes perseverance to finish a big project but it also takes the courage to know when to take a break and return to it later.

The good news are that this blanket is as good as finished and the pattern will be released very soon. The pattern will appear here for free, so you better keep an eye on the blog and subscribe.

The blanket is crocheted in the 2 row mosaic technique which is also called overlay method. The advantage of using this technique is that you do not have to deal with a lot of loose ends. The blanket is basically finished when you have crocheted the last row. I still added a little border but that is nothing compared with the double border. We all know, we all love straight, clean edges…

I used the new SCHEEPJES Truly Scrumptious for this blanket. And I really think this is my new favorite chunky yarn. Not only is it more sustainable alternative, it is also very fast working, it doesn’t split and it feels very good in my hands, in fact much better than most non-recycled acrylics.

I did choose the colors the colors Huckleberry Pie (324) (which made me think of the legendary quote “I am your Huckleberry” from the movie Tombstone, every time I joined a new ball of yarn) and (323) Cinnamon Peach Cobbler.

As I said before this blanket turned out kind of huge. It holds 17 balls of yarn A (Huckleberry Pie) and 15 balls of yarn B (Cinnamon Peach Cobbler). Combined with a 6.00 mm hook the result is a 200 cm x 140 cm blanket that weights more than 3 kg.

As always I do recommend to buy your yarn at your local yarn shop: Scheepjes Dealers. If you do not have a yarn shop near by, you can get your yarn here: Wool Warehouse or Jimmy Beans Wool

As you can see the pattern uses repeats of optical elements. I also tried to improve my chart writing so that it is easier to work from the chart even in this technique although the pattern comes with written instructions too.

Earlier this year the talented photographer Susanne Kvarnlöf visited me too make some pictures for the swedish “Allers” weekly magazine. The first picture from this article is from this session and all copyrights are hers. 🙂

You need to chain 162 to get started…. more news from Up North coming soon.


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  1. Norway Spruce Blanket
    by Rosina Plane

    She is on Ravelry and has an inset mosaic blanket there. Her chart style is super amazing and so easy to understand. Maybe you can use her technique. In just a bit of searching I cannot find anyone else with an unpaid inset mosaic chart that matches so I don’t know if her style is unique to her.

    Your pattern looks fantastic and with a great chart it would go far!

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    1. I used the technique on several blankets before. And I think that Lilla Björn crochet used it first in her Nya Mosaic Blanket. Even Red Sparrow crochet uses it in a lot of blankets.


      1. I see the black and white chart but Rosina Plane uses the infinity symbol to denote chains and then a vertical line in the square to show the double crochet two rows downs. I don’t know for sure if that is in these patterns.


  2. Love that movie and that quote!!LOL
    Amazing pattern!! Waiting to add it to my to do list. The Nya from Lilla Bjorn was so fun and easy to do.
    As usual great pattern and colors.

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  3. Thank you. The blanket look beautiful. I know exactly what you mean about taking breaks to preserve the joy of creating. It’s SO important. Thank you for sharing.

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