The HEINZ blanket

After all I could finish this massive blanket right to the start of the winter holidays here in Sweden. It has got the name “Heinz”. This is not a cooperation with the american ketchup company. It happens that “Heinz” is the name of my father who always has been very supportive with all the choices in my life. This is just a little appreciation for what he and my mother have done for me in all those years.

The blanket is 140cm x 200cm big and holds 32 balls of Scheepjes Truly Scrumptious. 17 balls in the color Huckleberry Pie and 15 balls in the color Cinnamon Peach Gobbler.

Buy your yarn at your local yarn shop: Scheepjes Dealers. If you do not have a yarn shop near by, you can get your yarn here: Wool Warehouse or Jimmy Beans Wool

Like most of my patterns even this one is highly adjustable. You can add or reduce repeats so that the size matches your needs. The repeats are based on 48 stitches and 48 rows. To achieve symmetry you have to add 13 stitches and rows to your repeats plus 4 stitches and 2 rows…. Easy math isn’t it?

So 3 repeats in width is 48 x 3 + 13 + 4 which makes 161 stitches. In rows that means 48 x 3 + 13 +2 which makes 159 rows. Considering that this pattern uses the 2 row mosaic crochet technique, you end up crocheting 318 rows. And in the end you add a top row. Did this confuse you? Calm, the pattern will come with an easy to follow chart and with a written pattern for every row, so that everyone has the possibility to crochet the HEINZ blanket.

The blanket is currently in testing and will be released as a free pattern here on the blog and as a paid PDF version on Ravelry which will also give you access to the charts online which might be an advantage as they are far to big to print.

If everything goes as planned, the pattern will appear here next week.

If you use my patterns and post pictures on social media, it would be nice to link or refer to my blog and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!

Stay tuned… more to come soon from Up North …


13 thoughts on “The HEINZ blanket

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  1. As always – such an intricate and beautifully thought out design. I’m grateful that you have such loving and caring parents as not all of us have had that experience. The way this pattern undulates is so intriguing because just when I think the pattern is ‘set’ it changes direction in such a way that it moves your eye upward… just precision and artwork!

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  2. Hello Martin
    I can’t wait for this pattern. It is beautiful. It is even more beautiful that you dedicated it to your parents. I love the pattern so much and can’t wait to try it. It is so intriguing. Thank you for your creativity.

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  3. A stunning work and a beautiful tribute in appreciation of your parent’s support! 💜
    I’ve decided my brother needs a warm blanket so, I may give this one a try. I think he will adore the eye-catching pattern effect.

    This one will take a lot of time but, once these get going, they seem to go quicker than I anticipate – I just have to tell myself, “stick to the pattern”.

    I truly feel that fiber arts have helped me and many others, through some very tough times.
    Thank you for this blog and your beautiful and thoughtful designs.

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  4. Scheepjes also available at in US. She is exclusive Scheepjes and has wonderful
    Customer service. Another lovely project to add to my 2023 list.

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