The “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap – Free Pattern inside.

I always wanted to make a triangle wrap/shawl but never had a good-enough idea to do so. When I crocheted the The Move On Up Wrap based on the apache tears by Sarah London , I noticed that the lines which meet in the middle would make imho the perfect border for a triangle.

I also did notice, that the direction changes of the apache tears rows have the best effect if the colours are “changing direction” at the same time.

So the conclusion was less colours which change direction more often and more lines that change direction more often.

I wanted to make the triangle in Scheepjes Colour Crafter as I knew that this yarn is working super well with this technique.

The first seven colours, in blue, like the northern sky. Light to dark. (Even if they are lined up in the wrong direction in the picture)

And finally time to start crocheting. This really was “trial and error” in the first few rows. But finally I figured out what I wanted to do and for that I would need seven more colours. GREEN of course, like the sparkling northern lights. Northern lights in the northern skies, with diamonds….

And after a few lines, a few colour changes and a few coordinated direction changes, this was the result:

I really do not know if I succeed with my plan to crochet a northern sky with northern lights and diamonds. I heard it looks very brazilian as the colours match the brazilian flag. For others it looks more like wild ivy. “It looks like trees and lakes” was another interpretation.

So I guess this pattern can be interpreted in many different ways. What so ever here is the pattern if you want to crochet your own version:

FREE PATTERN – Nomad by Fate – triangle wrap – U.S./European terms

FREE PATTERN – Nomad by Fate – triangle wrap – UK terms

FREE PATTERN – Nomad by Fate – driehoek  omslagdoek – Nederlandse versie

A big, big thank you to Mark from “theguywiththehook” who tested this pattern and helped me  with the creative process! Go check him out, he is a real good crocheter and the ever. But he didn’t only test the pattern, he also created a 7-colour version and added a fantastic border. You will find the colour scheme and the border pattern for free at at his blog!


german / deutsch

Vor ein paar Tagen habe ich mein Muster in einer dutschsprachigen Facebook Gruppe präsentiert. Das Muster war zu dieser Zeit nur in englischer Sprache erhältlich. Die Nachfrage nach einem Muster in deutscher Sprache war relativ gross. Leider hatte ich keine Möglichkeit das Muster schnell und spontan zu übersetzen. Da passierte etwas ganz unglaubliches: Die mir völlig unbekannte Eva Strugala hat sich spontan bereit erklärt mein Muster einfach mal so zu übersetzen. Jeder der schon mal versucht hat ein Muster selbst zu schreiben, weiss wieviel Arbeit so etwas bedeutet. Ich bin Eva sehr dankbar, dass jetzt auch Personen, die nicht so gut Englisch sprechen, die Möglichkeit haben, das Muster zu häkeln. Diese Geschichte zeigt auch, wie freundlich und hilfsbereit die Häkelgemeinschaft ist: 

FREE PATTERN – Nomad by Fate – Dreieckstuch – deutsche Version

Vielen Dank liebe Eva fürs Übersetzen. Das deutsche Muster wurde nicht probegehäkelt. Wenn jemand Fehler findet, bitte ich um eine kurze Mitteliung.

I am currently working on a straight, blanket version, that will be released in a couple of weeks. More to come soon…

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!

Have fun!

More adventures ahead, more to come soon from up north…


41 thoughts on “The “Nomad by Fate” triangle wrap – Free Pattern inside.

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  1. Martin, you absolutely captured the aurora borealis with your pattern and colors! This is absolutely stunning, and you’re a creative genius. Thank you for sharing!

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    1. Thank you! But I consider myself being an average dad, playing less videogames, watching less TV and crocheting and creating more.

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  2. this is amazing ! color combination captures borealis aurora colors perfectly as per photos you have published and the way you used the apache tears stich is great also ! visual look 100 % right !! congrats! love it !

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  3. Congrats with the pattern release !!!! It is such a amazing pattern with fantastic colorwork. I hope and wish for you their gonna be many pieces made of this wonderful design in every color you can imagine by lots and lots of crocheters around the globe.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Martin – I am amazed by this pattern! It is the most beautiful color combinations I’ve ever seen. I thank you for your patterns. I love them all. I will be sure to share them, if that’s ok? Brilliant crochet 💜

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  5. This beautiful piece of clothing Art is breathtaking and one I’ll be making for sure. Your are very generous in offering it free. Thank you
    Cheers Maggie

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  6. Thank you so much for the beautiful and inspiring work!
    There is a small typo in the PDF. Geraardsbergen (2011) is listed as 2001 and should be 2011. 🙂

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    1. Sure possible. I am working on a straight version right now which could be used as a blanket or maybe a pillow.


  7. I just started the triangle wrap version and was going to adapt it to make a square – I see you’re doing a blanket pattern….cannot wait! The pattern is so addictive to work on. Thank you for sharing your talent.

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  8. Lovely pattern, have only just seen it… so have yet to try it… and master how it goes will have a few tries I’m thinking,
    I have been giving my hands a break from crocheting c2c blankets…. did a few of them…. You have done beautiful work… congratulations….

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  9. This is just Stunning. Love the green and the blue together that much that I have ordered the yarn in the same shades from a friend in the Netherlands and I got it through the post Tuesday. So I will have a good read through the pattern and see if it will be easy or not 😉 Just Love this one. Thank you for the free pattern to it.

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