Announcement: The “Get Connected” – Make A Long.

Big, big, big news: Together with my dear friends at SCHEEPJES we are going to do a Make-A-Long (MAL).

In times like these we are doing physical distancing but not social distancing. We have through modern technique several options of getting connected, getting together, crochet together! More than ever!

Social Media is one of those options. The Scheepjes MAL will be taking place in the

OFFICIAL Scheepjes – International Group


OFFICIAL Scheepjes -Nederlandse Groep

The wonderful moderators and administrators of these groups and myself will be there to support you and help you if you have questions.

The MAL will start on the 6th of May and the final blog post, starting the final week of the MAL will be on the 26th of May. It will include several adaptions of my “Connected” cushion and as an extra bonus you will get all the information to crochet the “Connected MEGA Wrap”.

And when I say ” MEGA” I really mean “MEGA”. It is biiiiiiiig and you will get through all the phases which are common when you are crocheting a big scale increasing corner to corner triangle: excitement – enthusiasm – happiness – flow – boredom – frustration – desperation – hope – courage – relief – satisfaction. It is a love/hate relationship but I promise that the result will be totally worth it. Those of you who crocheted big corner-to-corner triangles might know what I am talking about. And those who have not done it yet: This is your chance to find it out and as it is a very repetitive pattern, the FLOW phase will clearly be winning over the other phases! And the satisfaction after you have done a bigger project: PRICELESS!

But first things first: as i said the MAL will guide you trough a few options how to make the cushion.

  • A cushion sized square with a double border to hide the loose ends.
  • A cushion with two front sides that is joined with a border
  • And the wrap

Both the cushion and the wrap are designed for SCHEEPJES Stone Washed and/or River washed. As both yarns have the same weight and fibre content (sport weight, 78% Cotton x 22% Acrylics; 50grams /130meters) they are easy to combine. I am really looking forward a lot of different color combinations!

For each side of the cushion you need 3 balls of Yarn A and Yarn B. For the border you will need one extra ball.

The original cushion is made in Scheepjes River Washed Steenbras (942) and Narmada (962) with a double border in Stone Washed Lemon Quartz (812).

This MAL is also going to include a version of the cushion with two crocheted sides. If you decide that this is “your” version you need the double amount of yarn in the same colours or you can go totally crazy and chose completely different colors for the backside which will not be a backside, it will much more be a double front side, ready-to flip around cushion.

And the greatest news of all is that the wonderful Esther of It´s all in a Nutshell will do full video tutorials! So that really everyone is able to join the MAL. A big, big thank you to her!

If you want to go big and go for the wrap you will need 18 balls of yarn A and 15 balls of yarn B. Did i mention that it is big?! I used Stone Washed Canada Jade (806) and Moon Stone (801)

Of course I am also going to crochet along with all of you and I already chose my colors:

And this time it is going to be Stone Washed Amazonite (813) and River Washed Nile (944).

The cushion sized square is going to be a square with 50cm x 50cm side length (with border). As it is stretchy it will most likely fit a 50cm x 50cm cushion cover (to sew on) or a cushion in the some side if you crochet both sides.

To not get disappointed I recommend to buy a cushion cover or cushion/filling after you have crocheted the square. Gauge and tension is a fragile thing and some of you might need a slightly smaller or bigger cushion.

Here is my swatch in the new colors to prevent to much spread in sizes.

After row 15 my little triangle has approximately 15 cm:

So we are going to start on the 6th. The cushion pattern is available HERE (UK AND German) and HERE (US and Dutch) on the blog for free and as a paid ready to print PDF on RAVELRY.

The wrap pattern will be released on the 6th of May when the MAL is officially starting. If you want to start your wrap now, you can follow the cushion pattern to row 69 and wait for further instructions…

You will need a 4,00 mm hook (and a 4,50 mm hook for the border) and if you want to get your yarn right away you will find your local SCHEEPJES dealer or favorite online store HERE.

Follow Scheepjes on Facebook and Instagram to be sure to not miss any exciting news about this MAL and all the other great projects they have in store.

The official hashtags for this MAL are: #ScheepjesMAL #GetConnenctedMal #ScheepjesStoneWashed #ScheepjesRiverWashed don´t forget to use them when sharing your projets in social media.

or simply tag @martin_up_north on your social media.

You can also click on here to add the CONNECTED CUSHION to your favourites in Ravelry.

Let´s get connected!

See you all on the 6th of May.


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  1. Martin, this is such wonderful news! First, congratulations on your first Scheepjes MAL. This will introduce even more people to your wonderful designs, I’m sure. Second, I can’t wait to get started. The cushion is lovely, but the wrap … oh my. Looking for my colors now.

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