Assorted frozen bubbles

I thought it was time to upload a few pictures of my second favorite hobby again.

It’s winter here in Sweden at that means that, when the temperature drops under a minus 15 degrees Celsius, you wills find me outside trying to catch the beauty of soap bubbles that are freezing while in the air.

Some people asked me how it is done and here is the short explanation. Lower than a minus 15 degrees, no wind, sunshine, a camera with a good and fast autofocus, patience and a lot of luck.

“Spray and pray” which means that you just take a lot of pictures and hope that some are good is the key.

In my opinion you get the best results when the bubble is in the freezing process and in a near angle to the sun. My autofocus is not able to focus on the bubble when the sun is directly behind it. It’s basically a lot of trial and error.

I use common soap bubble fluid, sometimes I add a little sugar. That makes them a bit more stable, but it has an effect an the clearness of the bubble.

Depending on how low the temperature is, it might be necessary that the temperature of the fluid adapts a little to the temperature outside. That means that you gave to stay outside for a while. It is not usual that the first bubble freezes very fast and beautiful… quite like pancakes, the first one us not going to make it.

After a while the fluid is going to be to cold and the bubbles might freeze to fast to take pictures. You can just change fluid and start all over again, all day long.

And one thing is for sure… sooner or later the bubble bursts and the beauty is gone.

All pictures taken with my Canon 70d


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  1. Yes! We LOVE these photos as much as we love your crochet designs. What a lovely way to start my day here in the US. Thank you for sharing this incredible beauty.

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  2. das sind wirklich so wunderschöne bilder und vermutlich liegt die schönheit eh in der flüchtigkeit ❤
    mein nachbar lebt von seifenblasen (und zwar nicht schlecht), er stellt seifenblasenflüssigkeit für riesenseifenblasen her, das heißt, die seifenblasen sind stabiler/haben eine "dickere" hülle/halten länger. soll ich dir mal eine flasche zukommen lassen? vielleicht musst du dich beim abdrücken dann nicht so beeilen…

    danke für die schönen bilder, war das schönste was ich die letzten tage gesehen hab.

    liebe grüße,

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  3. Wow, Martin. That’s phenomenal! Beautiful pictures. I’ll bet that if they were magnified, you could see the snow crystals inside. Each one is unique. No two are exactly alike. Nature is amazing and fascinating. Thanks for sharing.

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  4. Good morning from Arizona, USA – I just wanted to tell you I look forward to every post /email you send. I love your creativity and the fact that you don’t just do “one” craft but show your versatility in many different areas. I envy you on a small level when I see your beautiful photography – you inspire me in so many ways to continue searching and learning. I’m nearing 55 years old (in May) and know that there are many things /creations of yours – that I want to do – your crocheted blankets are jaw-dropping in their beauty. Please continue to share your visions of all things as there are those of us who truly find them to be inspiring. With deep respect and admiration – Rose “If I could return to earth as anything, I would be one of your tears. What more could anyone wish for than to be conceived in your heart, be formed in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die upon your lips.”

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  5. I actually can see the ice crystals inside. They’re really beautiful. Your photography is extraordinary. Some of the ice crystals look like the crocheted snowflake patterns that I have. They look great on Christmas trees. Awesome work.

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  6. Hi Martin, Such beautiful pictures. I like them a lot. You can feel the cold and certainly also how fragile the bubbles are. Still the warmth of the sun is coming through. Do you sell these pictures? I think I would like to have one or two and give it a mice place on the wall. If so, could you please give me information about cost and whether or not you sell the copyright, prints etc. Thank you for sharing this hobby of yours. Kindest regards, Lidy Tiemens-Meijer Holland

    Verstuurd vanaf mijn iPhone


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  7. Wow for your wonderful photos and your endurance. I live in Israel and when it gets below +15 degrees we complain it’s cold. Yet, I’ve lived in Norway for a while so I can appreciate the beauty of a cold sunny winter day.

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