Chain 290

Let’s start something new and try to stay sane in these very worried times we are facing right now.

It is going to be a crochet project again and I have a very clear vision what I want to do.

It’s a two color project and it’s kind of obvious that it I am going to use the mosaic technique again.

The yarn I chose this time is of course coming from SCHEEPJES again. It’s the RIVER WASHED series which in my opinion is just perfect for mosaic as it has a very wooly, cosy feeling even though it is a 78% cotton 22%acrylic yarn.

Like the famous STONE WASHED series it comes in sport weight and has 130m per 50gram ball.

The colors I am going to use are COLORADO and MERSEY on a 4.00mm hook. Not sure yet if I need a third color for a border or not. Progress will show.

You will need 9 balls of the main color, which in my case will be the blue Colorado and 7 balls of the pattern color which is the orange Mersey.

If you already want to order your yarn you can find your local SCHEEPJES dealer here:

or you can order your yarn at:

So let’s pour yourself a cup of coffee and chain 290….


9 thoughts on “Chain 290

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    1. Oh. Thats dedication! Blue one. After that you can crochet 5rows normal scs starting in second ch. (289scs) and it’s a wip!


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