The “Middle of Nowhere” hat feat. Scheepjes Terrazzo

When my friends at Scheepjes release a new yarn, there is no other way than to cast all other projects aside and play. Especially when it is a 100% recycled yarn.

It really was love at first sight and I knew at once that the new Scheepjes Terrazzo which comes in 60 colorways are going to have a lot of fun together. 175m/50g, DK weight and fibre content 70% Recycled Mulesing Free Wool x 30% Recycled Viscose are kind of perfect for colourwork such as fair isle. The stitch definition is not as sharp due the felted effect and the contrasting and complementing flecks of colour as when using “one colored” yarn but the yarn creates a more cosy and warm feeling when knitted. It is pure joy to work with.

So I thought it would be a good idea to use this yarn for a lighter beanie hat which is just perfect for the swedish spring. And to celebrate the release of a new Scheepjes yarn, I wrote a pattern and just leave it here for free.

If you want to support my work there is also a ready to print PDF pay version HERE ON RAVELRY. The pattern is available in english and, thanks to Marianne Den Dekker, in dutch. The pattern is tested and approved (as almost always) by @sunshineyalex

A big, big, big “thank you” for that.

If you want to order your yarn you can find your local SCHEEPJES dealer here:

or you can order your yarn at:

The “Middle of Nowhere” hat

By Martin Up North (


Stitch marker

Tapestry needle

Needle size: Circular needles 40 cm in 3.00 mm and 3.50mm

Double pointed needles 3.50mm

Yarn A: 1 ball (30g used) Scheepjes Terrazzo Pergamena, 50g/175m, 70% recycled mulesing free wool / 30% recycled viscose

Yarn B: 1 ball (20g used) Scheepjes Terrazzo Uva, 50g/175m, 70% recycled mulesing free wool / 30% recycled viscose


Circumference: 46cm unblocked and unstretched

Height: 24cm


10cm x 10cm in pattern: 25stitches x 26rows unblocked


k knit

p purl

CO cast on

dec decrease

sl slip

sl1p slip 1 purlwise

psso pass slipped stitch over

yo yarn over

k2tog knit 2 stitches together, single right-leaning decrease

ssk slip 2 stitches knitwise, knit these 2 stitches together through back loops, single left-leaning decrease

rep repeat

bo bind off

Pattern Notes

  • Read the whole pattern before you start.
  • The hat is worked bottom up.
  • The whole pattern is knitted in rounds.
  • Pattern uses the fair isle colorwork technique using two colors at the same time.
  • The chart is repeated 4 times in width.
  • Change to double pointed needle when necessary

Chart Notes

  • Black square: 1 knitted stitch with yarn A
  • White square: 1 knitted stitch with yarn B
  • k2tog (first, third, fifth and seventh dec. after sm)
  • ssk (second, fourth, sixth and last dec after sm)
  • Work first chart row 1 to 24
  • Work second chart row 25 to 48


With yarn A.

Cast on 120 on a 3.00mm circular needle (40cm)

Join to round and place a stitch marker.

Row 1 *k3, p1* rep.  to end.

Row2 *k3, p1* rep. to end.

Row 3 *sl1p, k2, psso both knitted stitches, p1* rep. to end.

Row 4 *k1, yo, k1, p1* rep. to end.

Rep row 1 to 4 three times

Rep row 1 and 2.

Change to 3.5mm needle.

Join yarn B.

Knit diagram row 1 to 48.


16 stitches on needles.

Place stitches on 2 double point needles. (8 on each with the first stich of the row as first stich on the front needle.)

With yarn B

With a third needle: k1, sl1p, psso.

Transfer the stitch on the third needle back to first needle.

Place yarn B behind yarn A.

Cut yarn A, leaving a long thread to use for kitchener stitch.

Use yarn A and kitchener stitch for the next 14 stitches.

Pick up last stitch purlwise with tapestry needle and lead yarn A through the last kitchener stitch to the inside of the hat.

With tapestry needle, pick up yarn B and lead through first kitchener stitch to the inside of the hat. Join yarn A and B with a knot. Optional weave in ends.

Give yourself a high five!

If you use my patterns and post pictures on social media, it would be nice to link or refer to my blog and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!


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