Lose Yourself – Wrap

As usual, things take a lot more time as planned and expected. I really am sorry that the pattern is not yet out there, but at least I can show you the finished wrap. It is crocheted in the “one-row” mosaic technique which means that you do not turn at the end of every row. The loose ends are hidden in a double border.

I used 9 balls of Scheepjes River Washed Colorado and 7 balls of Scheepjes River Washed Mersey.

The double border uses 4 color shades of the Scheepjes Stone Washed series which has the same weight as the River Washed. (Lemon Quartz 65g, Yellow Jasper 55g, Enstatite 60g, Black Onyx 25g)

The size of the wrap is 150cm x 65cm blocked and with border.

It is a non-repeater, which means that every row has to be written and that took a lot more time than I thought. That is also why the pattern has got the name “Lose Yourself”. It takes a little more concentration than usual because it is not a stitch count you can memorize. (At least I do not have the capacity to do do it)

The pattern is written and right now in testing and I hope that I can release it very soon. It will be for free here on the blog and there will be a ready to print PDF version on Ravelry.

If you use my patterns and post pictures on social media, it would be nice to link or refer to my blog www.martinupnorth.com and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!


12 thoughts on “Lose Yourself – Wrap

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  1. You’re right, sometimes things take more time than expected. I would add that taking the time allows, very often, beautiful unexpected things to appear. Look at this gorgeous wrap! I love it!

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  2. Beautiful design! I’ve done this technique before and yes, the written pattern is doubled so, it seems a bit complex – I recall doing “row 1 A” then, “row 1 B” – huh?! However, once the concept gets in the brain, it moves along quickly & results in a very cozy fabric.
    Yes please, take all the time you need with the written pattern – it will be worth it to make this stunning piece!

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  3. Blessed are your hands and your beautiful mind! These patterns that flow from you are simply gorgeous and really mind-bending at times! This is a simple, yet beautiful piece and I could see this being displayed as an art piece on a wall in some gallery somewhere. Thank you for sharing your ethereal designs!!!

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  4. Martin, I appreciate your blog… and the patterns you create! I’m working on a granny blanket using Scheepjes Stone Washed and LOVE that yarn! It’s the perfect yarn for projects year-round! Just started following you on Insta! I love connecting with other designers and makers through those little squares!

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  5. Absolutely stunning. I love non-repeaters and cover-up borders I first learned from Tinna. The design of this is just art. I can see it took you lots of time. Worth it! It’s fabulous.

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