Play with Scheepjes Whirls

After the „Lose Yourself“ mosaic project, I decided to take it easy and lay my hands on a Scheepjes Whirl.

Of course, as probably most of you, I did use this yarn before. But I always followed other designers pattern, such as Mijo Crochet who does outstanding designs or the wonderful “My Voyage” shawl by Dedri Uys.

I decided to try to create something relaxing, fast, easy and simple. A summer project which does not need a hundred procent focus with an easy to remember stitch combination. Something you can take with you on vacation or even can be worked on at social events and meetings. Simply something that do not always need all of your attention but still can grow and be finished without putting endless effort and hours in it.

The beauty of the colorful Scheepjes Whirl range will do the talking, I am quite sure of that.

The fact that I do not really know how much yarn I am going to need made me choose a whirl that can easily be added additional length on with a Scheepjes Whirlette. In my case it is the Scheepjes Whirl Dandelion Munchies (787) together with the Scheepjes Whirlette Banana which is the same color as the core of the Whirl. The green Whirl abpve in the hands of my daughter Lotta is called Key Lime Pi and can be combined with the Whirlette Avocado.

Simy’s Studios blogpost about the Whirl/Whirlette color combinations was very helpful and is highly recommended! In case you run out of yarn, the Whirlette range makes it very easy to finish your project in a proper way.

The Scheepjes Whirl comes in 54 fantastic colorways and is a a blend of 60% Cotton / 40% Acrylic. The Extra Large yarn cake holds an enormous 1000 meters of softly colour changing yarn. The recommended neddles size is 3.50mm to 4.00mm but I am going to use a 3.00mm hook.

Get a Scheepjes Whirl at your local local SCHEEPJES dealer here:

Scheepjes Dealers

or find one of the wonderful Whirls here;

Wool Warehouse

Stay tuned. More to come soon from up north…

P.S.: I see and have heard that a lot of people lately are struggling with the algorithms on social media platforms. It gets harder and harder for small business to reach out to their followers. Don’t let them grind you down…. keep posting the things you think are good and important.

P.P.S: The mug is available here and here


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  1. These are beautiful color combinations. I especially like the blue and yellow colors. They remind me of sunshine and blue skies.

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