The geometry & texture MAL

Here is the thing…. Everything started with a meeting in my hometown in Vienna during my eastern holidays. I heard that my all time most favorite crochet designer Tatsian from LILLA BJÖRN CROCHET who like myself is a SCHEEPJES blogger is in town. We made contact and decided to spontaneously meet at a little, old Café to talk about forthcoming projects, crochet techniques, challenges and goals as a crochet designer and life in general. It was one of the rare opportunities for me, who mostly spends his time in the woods to meet a person who is working highly professional and full time with crochet. I really learned a lot and we had a really good time and decided to stay in touch talk keep the conversation going.

My daughter Lotta joined us when we met and took this picture of us:

So a few weeks later Tatsiana invited me to join forces and participate in her yearly MAL and of course I had to say YES to this privilege and opportunity. So here is the main information and the first result of our cooperation. So here is the official information:

Welcome to Geometry and Texture Mystery make-a-long (MAL). Tatsiana of Lilla Bjorn Crochet and Martin Up North have teamed up to bring you six mystery crochet projects in different techniques: mosaic, embossed, overlay and slip stitch crochet. All patterns are new, exclusive for this MAL and were never published before!

The patterns include wearable accessories and home decorations, but you can easily adjust stitch patterns for a variety of other projects.

The MAL has not started yet, and a pre-order is running right now. To get access to all 6 patterns, you will need to purchase MAL listings on Ravelry from both designers separately (links below). Tatsiana and Martin have created 3 patterns each. And you can either purchase both listings with 6 patterns in total, or choose just one designer receiving 3 mystery patterns.

Lilla Bjorn Crochet: LINK

Martin Up North: LINK

The first pattern will be added to your Ravelry library on November 11th, 2022. And then a new pattern will be revealed every Friday.

The patterns will be offered at a reduced price during the time of the MAL through December 31st, 2022. You do not need any codes, as the price is discounted already and will be updated to a full price after the end of the MAL.

Official support for this MAL will be offered in Tatsiana’s Facebook group HERE where we will be happy to see all your pictures! Join now our friendly community with 33K+ members. Please, be aware that you will have to answer a simple question upon a sing up. Without answering, your request will not be approved.

Hope you join! And enjoy!

As you can read above it is a mystery MAL which means that the pattern are not going to be presented before they get released. The MAL is starting with one of Tatsianas patterns released on the 11th of November. Nevertheless every pattern still is a secret, I am allowed to the yarn and colors I used fot my first pattern: Scheepjes Terrazzo in Prosecco, Verde Botteglia, and Acero.

We also decided, to give you the possibility to join the MAL by buying only one part of it. We thought that is just fair that you do not have to buy the parts of a designer you might not like as much as the other one, even do i strongly recommend to buy Lilla Björns pattern, because I have already seen them 😉

Finally I want to say that this is a great honor for me and I hope that you like all 6 upcoming patterns as much as we like them.

If you want to support us it would be fantastic if you spread the word and support us with a like on Social media and Ravelry.

Hope you join and enjoy!

Stay tuned… more to come soon from UP NORTH.


6 thoughts on “The geometry & texture MAL

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  1. Wonderful! I am a big fan of both of you, so I can only imagine that the collaboration is simply fantastic. Thank you!


  2. Hello Martin.
    My name is Lila. I live in Canada and follow your blog. I really appreciate your posts.
    I’m very excited for the MAL. I love both of you as designers. You are both extremely talented. I can’t wait. I just have a question. I tried the link for you and I saw only one purchase of 4$usd. Will that get me all 3 patterns or do I have to go somewhere else to find the other two? Please let me know. I really can’t wait. Thank you and take care.

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  3. Hi Martin…I’ve got a group of ladies interested in the geometry and texture MAL! I’ve purchased both yours and Tatiana’s. I know it is a mystery and the first clue will be out Nov.18th. Tatsiana has given the yarn requirements for all 3 of her projects, on her blog. I was wondering if you could tell us the yardage amounts on your 3 as well, so that we can start on the 18th.
    Thank You,
    Merry Thornsburg

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    1. There will be an uppdatering very soon: the first pattern requires scheepjes Terrazzzo in 3 colours. 2 balls, 2 balls, 1 ball. Contrast recommended!


  4. Hi Martin ! I´m ready for the mystery MAL. I didn’t know you so what a pleasure. I have looked at your designs and I really like them. Waiting curiously for the start.

    Liked by 1 person

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