There is s new yarn in town

So my friends in the Netherlands and long term cooperation partner Scheepjes released a new yarn, or to be more precisely a new yarn series, or to be more precisely it’s not only a new yarn series: The 167 year old company has, after releasing the Scheepjes Terrazzo yarn (70% Recycled Mulesing Free Wool x 30% Recycled Viscose) and the Scheepjes Organicon (100% Organic Soft Cotton), taken another huge step towards a more sustainable way of crafting. With this new series, Scheepjes created and offers a more eco-friendly alternative to their well known acrylic yarns Colour Crafter and Chunkey Monkey by using 50% recycled water bottles for this yarn.

The new yarns are named “Scrumptious” and “Truly Scrumptious” and both came in 80 delicious shades, in a mixture of softly heathered and solid colours.

Little sister “Scrumptious” is a dk weight yarn (100g/300meters) and big brother “Truly Scrumptious” is an Aran weight yarn (100g/108meters) and both share the same fiber content: 50% recycled polyester (recycled plastic bottles) and 50% acrylic makes this yarn super soft and super strong at the same time.

My very personal first impression of this yarn was:

Truly Scrumptious: When solid, but very soft crochet yarn. I wanted to give it a try at first sight. So I started a project right away which I am now halfway through. It is a blanket and it’s going to be heavy and that’s exactly what I wanted and expected as a long term cotton yarn user. But the yarn makes the project much softer than a cotton blanket. I am using a 6.00mm hook and In my opinion that’s what the yarn deserves.

Scrumptious: I first thought that this yarn might be extremely good and useable for knitting projects. And as I didn’t have any knitting projects on my list right now I was thinking that this yarn has to wait a little. But than I wanted to give it a try for a little crochet thing and it just work out amazingly great. I am still at the beginning of this project but the first impression is really good and in my humble opinion better than a usual acrylic yarn because it has a much more stable, solid appearance.

The big, big, big pros for this yarn are;

Colour scheme: Especially the heathered effect is exactly what I like. Very modern retro! For my new project I am going to use the colours: Huckleberry Pie and Cinnamon Peach Cobbler.

Weight: it’s a very strong yarn. The appearance is much more solid than acrylic even if it has the same ball weight/length.

No splitting: after about 20 crocheted yarn balls I think I can make the judgment, that there is no yarn splitting and that my friends gives you a super good work speed!

If you are interested in the new yarn you can find it at your local scheepjes dealer or at Wool Warehouse.

Stay tuned, more to come soon from up north.

P.S. starting with a ch162 in Truly Scrumptious with a 6.00mm hook.


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