The „Seaweed“ blanket

So this is it. My first publication. I am really proud and honored and i feel pretty privileged that my design made it to the brand new SCHEEPJES YARN 7 – Reef.

The book-a-zine is available at your Scheepjes Dealer and features 17 fantastic patterns of the most wonderful designers such as: CYPRESS TEXTILES,  RED SPARROW CROCHET,  THE GUY WITH THE HOOK, LILLA BJÖRN CROCHET, A BOY & BUNTING, A SPOONFUL OF YARN and many more. Every Pattern is inspired by nature and the natural beauty of the reef. Pure underwater love.


For my pattern I used a mixture of Scheepjes River Washed and Scheepjes Stone washed. The intention was to create a blanket in calm colors which can be used on a daily basis. It is once again crocheted in the mosaic technique.


As a father of two, it was important to me to make this baby blanket strong so it can pass from child to child, even if I can not guarantee that the older one will share this blanket with a younger sibling. Parents will understand what I mean….

I hope you like the design and  always remember: The best kind of sleep beneath heaven above is under a crochet blanket, handmade with love. Even if this blanket does not come with an assurance I really hope that every child will sleep tight under the Seaweed blanket.


If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!

More to come soon from up north…



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  1. It may be your first publication, but it won’t be your last. This is well-deserved recognition from a wonderful yarn company, and they are lucky to have your design in this issue of Yarn. Congratulations!

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  2. Another beauty! I am still working “One for the Road” for my grandnephew due in August. Will send photos when done.
    And I was hit with coincidence when you sent the article on the diamondbaback terrapin release,as my daughter was with them that day!

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    1. Beautiful blanket & congratulations on your first published pattern. I am sure more is yet to come. I discovered mosaic technique a couple of months ago & at the moment working on my first blanket.
      I would love to make some of your designs also, they are beautiful!

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  3. congrats! sadly I’ve spent last 30 minutes trying unsuccessful to find this 😔 any direct link to the book-a_zine would be appreciated. ps I live in USA thx so. Much


  4. Hi Martin! I love this blanket! I have also been looking in the US for this book-a-zine and found a website that is not in the US. When I searched for Scheepjes yarn stores in the US, many of the websites were not secure. Is there an online store to purchase a pdf? I would love to print it out. Thanks for whatever help you can offer. Keep up the great work and congratulations on this achievement!!


    1. Hi Martin! I’ve found a copy of this “Reef” bookazine on Ebay. The pattern is beautifully written. I’m so excited to get going! Thanks so much for everything you do.

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