WIP -A new (still nameless) baby blanket

So there is a new baby blanket on my hook. And there are a few reasons why I chose to make this blanket. The idea came as I said in a previous post when I visited our local historical museum JAMTLI. It is a magical place and I really love to be there. An old carpet caught my eye and I simply was fascinated by the old craftsmanship and design. My second thought was: “Hey, this is crochetable!” So I took a quick picture and as soon as I came home I tried to adapt the forms to my needs and skills. 


I worked hard on a few rather big projects so for me it was kind of clear that I wanted to do a smaller blanket this time. I needed to see fast progress and a light at the end of the tunnel – a blanket I can do besides my bigger project which I do not get bored of. 

That is also the main reason why this version is pretty small. But as often the pattern is easy to adapt to a bigger version. So you will have the option to make it as big as you want it. 

I chose the one- row mosaic technique again. (You can read more about different mosaic crochet techniques HERE) It worked just fine with the CONNECTED cushion and I wanted to try it out with the SCHEEPJES yarn I used the most on my crafty journey, SCHEEPJES Cahlista.


The blanket is growing in accurate speed but it is still a WIP. I still did not decide which color the border is going to have and the name of the blanket is still not decided. I have got a few very good suggestions on my social media accounts. The interesting thing about this pattern is that so many people see so many different things in it. 

My favorites so long are:

.) Spinning tops .) Jagged diamonds .) The bug hotel.) Black Honey .) Rules of Nine.) Hive Mind .) Too hip yo be square .) Flying Formation

And soooo many more good ones… We will see where it will lead us. 

The one row technique which is crocheted on the right side only does always mean a lot of loose ends (or fringes). But no worries. We are going to tackle this with a double border again, so we skip the boring “sew – in – all – ends” part. 

The pattern is going to be tested soon and after that there will be the release as soon as possible… Stay tuned.

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog  www.martinupnorthblog.wordpress.com and use #martinupnorth. Feedback is more than welcome!

More to come very soon from up north… 




6 thoughts on “WIP -A new (still nameless) baby blanket

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  1. Oh, my! Awesome comes easily to mind when viewing your present project based on the museum rug find. What a beautiful design. “Thor’s Lullaby”

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  2. It’s a very nice creation. The pattern has a 3D effect to it. It looks as if several cubes consisting of nine hollow grids are stacked one over the other….so..”Cubes of Nine”

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