Reveal: „Pure Shores“ blanket

Yes, the new blanket is called “Pure Shores”. Yes, it is because of the All Saints song featured on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of “The Beach”. And yes, I feel a little bit ashamed that I like the song. But hey, everyone has his very own guilty pleasure.

I will give you some information about the blanket and I will do my best that the pattern will appear here on my blog in about one week. And my ambition still is to do a little video tutorial. Not sure yet how this will work out, but I am determined to give it a try. Hope that it will be more helpful than confusing.

The pattern is based on repeat of four stitches which makes it easy to adapt in width. My blanket has 160 stitches (plus one in the beginning chain). I adapted the written pattern to 144 stitches because this will make it possible to finish every color section with only one ball of Scheepjes Cahlista and @sushineyalex (on Instagram) is testing the written version to make sure that the stitch count and measurement are all right. The written pattern version is 90 cm in width (with border)

Even in length the pattern is easily adaptable to you very own needs. Every color section is approximately 4cm long (the first and last section is slightly longer because of some extra, simple dc rows) which makes the blanket 125 cm long in the 29 color section version…. are you still with me or are you already lost in the crazy world of mathematics?

If you manage to figure out the right amount of yarn, you will find your local Scheepjes dealer or favorite Scheepjes online shop HERE

I used 4 different colors for the border. Simple rows of single crochets to frame this blanket. Saffron, Golden Ginger, Chocolate and Black Coffee… sounds like a recipe… but these are the colors which together create the ombré retro border. Is it a beach? Is it a sunset? Or a tropical Cocktail? Who knows….

That is all for now but stay tuned…because the pattern will be here in just a few days.

Greeting from up north.


9 thoughts on “Reveal: „Pure Shores“ blanket

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  1. Happy to read that we love the same song 😉 – Your blanket is vibrant, I love it, it sends me your good vibes so far in the southwest of France. Thank you, can’t wait for the next episode

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  2. Omigosh, this is beautiful! I live right by the sea and am already daydreaming of having this on the hook while watching the waves! ❤️

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