WIP: Happiness comes in waves

I already told you that there is a new crochet blanket in my mind. And this idea made it to my hook and now I am in the middle of crocheting this pattern. Simple as that.

The pattern is based on the wavy border pattern which is quite common. There are a lot of tutorials out there so it was not possible for me to find out who the designer of the original is who I of course will give credit for.

I do not use the wavy element as a border but I found a way to use it in a blanket and in my opinion that works out quite well. Together with the shades of blue, the ambition was to make an ocean inspired blanket. I know that a lot of people in times of the pandemic are not able to travel and summer vacations have been more or less cancelled all over the world. A lot of people I talk to are missing the beauty of the ocean and the sound of the waves. So here is my way to deal with that, trying to spread a little happiness.

The pattern is in testing right now. (@sunshineyalex has some wonderful colors on her hook!) It will be highly adjustable in with and length and is in general only four repeating rows. My goal is to release a little video tutorial together with the pattern so that those of us who are visual learners also have the possibility to crochet this blanket.

I also try to adapt the design in a way that you do not have to use more that one ball of yarn per color section so that you avoid unnecessary knots.

The blanket is made in Scheepjes Cahlista which is my most favorite blanket yarn and if you want to look at the 109 colors this yarn comes in, you will find them HERE.

I can not give you the exact amount of yarn yet but i use 8 colors plus one extra color for the border, but as I said the pattern will be highly adaptable. You will find you local Scheepjes dealer and online shops HERE

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog: martinupnorth.com and use #martinupnorth. Feedback is more than welcome. Stay tuned, more news from up north very soon…


19 thoughts on “WIP: Happiness comes in waves

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  1. Wow! That looks amazing, both pattern and colour choice. I look forward to seeing the finished article and, as always, a big thank you for sharing your work and patterns. It is much appreciated.

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  2. Hi Martin

    More a short letter than a comment. Hmmm English or Swedish? English is my native language but I´ve lived in Sweden for 40 years…English goes quicker..lol. I fell in love with your crochet designs a couple of years ago – especially the geometric ones. Right now I´m nearing the end of my first mosaic project – Tinna´s Havana blanket. After that, maybe your “Connected”. I think I can manage that one.

    I thought of you when I found a posted video on FB. Another “guy who crochets and knits”…( I can´t knit) Talk about mindblowing!!..Have you seen his work? I tried to find the video on YouTube but haven´t managed though he does have a few technique demonstrations there. The great little video showing what he does can only be spread via FB as far as I could see. I din´t want to post it on your FB page without permission. If you search for Gerardo Martin Delgado Ramirez from Mexico and scroll down a bit, you´ll find the Watch and See film I mean.

    Btw, seeing you live in Sweden, where do you mainly order your yarn e.g. Scheepjes from? There are only a few suppliers in Sweden and none near me in Uppsala. I haven´t used that brand yet but would like to.

    Thank you for all the inspiration and your generous sharing of patterns.

    Best regards
    Ramona Källström

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    1. Thank you for your letter. I am going to look for Gerardo Delgado. Not heard of him yet. I met Tinna though when I visited Iceland. Her patterns are amazing. I live near Östersund. Most of the yarn I get from Scheepjes directly but there is a good Scheepjes store. Fovoritgarner.se is a good online store. You might also find a dealer here: https://www.scheepjes.com/en/shops/


  3. Thank you for sharing this! Really love the choice of colors and the pattern you are dong this in. My first thought was “ocean!” This afghan is simple, yet elegant!! It will be the next on my list to make.

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  4. So very beautiful and timely! I can almost smell the ocean air and feel the sand between my toes. Looking forward to your exquisite pattern. With gratitude, Carol


  5. I can hardly wait. I truly appreciate the video tutorial. They make my understanding so much easier. Thank you for all your hard work.

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  6. Hello Martin,
    Your creations are artistic, inspired and inspiring. Absolutely cannot wait for your newest creation. Living by the ocean I am especially drawn to those colours and really look forward to a new blanket pattern.
    Thank you and best wishes,

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