The “Waves” blanket. Bigger than planned.

My summer project became a autumn project. It took much longer than I thought but it became also much bigger than planned. I simply couldn't stop crocheting. Highly addictive and highly repetitive, therefore it was possible to make it as big as i want and it gives you of course the possibility to make it... Continue Reading →

WIP: Happiness comes in waves

I already told you that there is a new crochet blanket in my mind. And this idea made it to my hook and now I am in the middle of crocheting this pattern. Simple as that. The pattern is based on the wavy border pattern which is quite common. There are a lot of tutorials... Continue Reading →

Back to the crochet game!

I know, I know, it was a lot of knitting the last few weeks and month. Right now I try to balance things out and I have a new crochet project on my hook. And guess what? I am aiming for a new blanket since i did not crochet bigger things since the pattern release... Continue Reading →

The “Soulstorm” blanket

"From Oolong to English Tea, Matcha, Saffron and Ginger, tea comes in many flavours and so do the exquisite knit & crochet projects featured in our new YARN Bookazine 8 Tea Room!" ...and guess what? My newest design "The Soulstorm blanket" is one of theĀ 17 wonderful patterns in this issue. *blush*. I know I repeat... Continue Reading →

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