The “Waves” blanket. Bigger than planned.

My summer project became a autumn project. It took much longer than I thought but it became also much bigger than planned. I simply couldn’t stop crocheting. Highly addictive and highly repetitive, therefore it was possible to make it as big as i want and it gives you of course the possibility to make it even bigger or smaller. The Blanket is crocheted in the one row mosaic technique which means that you (mostly) crochet on the right side and cut the yarn in the end of every row. At the end all loose ends are hidden in the double border, so no worries, you do not have to weave in all ends.

The pattern is adjustable in width and length. Starting chain is a multiple of 34 plus 5 plus 1 (turning stitch). The original pattern has 6 repeats in width and 12 repeats in length and start with a starting chain of 210 stitches.

I used 17 different colors of SCHEEPJES Cahlista. 14 for the body and 3 for the double border that hides all the loose ends. For the first and last wave you are going to need 3 balls (half waves) and for the full waves in the middle you are going to need 4 balls per color. The first color of the double border requires 5 balls the second color 2 balls and the last color, the yarn you are going to close the double border with is going to be used for less than 1 ball.

The colors i used from bottom to top are:

  • Saffron,
  • Ultramarine,
  • Lime,
  • Rust,
  • Mercury,
  • Amethyst,
  • Sweet Orange,
  • Root Beer,
  • Old Lace,
  • Shadow Purple,
  • Jade,
  • Brick Red,
  • Deep Violet,
  • Primrose.

And As I said before: 4 balls of each and every color except for the first and the last one which requires 3 balls.

The border is in

  • Petrol Blue,
  • Willow
  • Jet Black

If you already want to order your yarn you can find your local SCHEEPJES dealer here:

or you can order your yarn at:

76.329 stitches, 63 balls of yarn, 17 colors, 3 kilos of cotton and I got a little visitor when I took some pictures of the blanket and it seems like the butterfly liked the “Waves” blanket too.

A lot of people are asking about the backside of a mosaic crochet blanket and here is mine. It looks a bit like shadow crochet and in this case the waves are really visual.

The pattern will be released in US, UK and (surprise, surprise) in dutch terms in a few days.

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!


8 thoughts on “The “Waves” blanket. Bigger than planned.

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  1. Wow. I’m with the butterfly: It may have taken longer and turned out bigger, but it is even more beautiful than I anticipated! Another stunning project! Can’t wait to try it for myself.

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  2. I loved this one since the forst picture of it I saw in your IG…. I would not mind helping you with the Spanish translation (for free, of course, I am not a professional), but I belive it will be amazing for the Spanish-speakers crocheteers

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  3. Thank you so much for this beautiful pattern. I am almost done with the blanket itself. In order to get the right measures wanted I would like to make a larger border. Will it work to make it twice as long as the pattern says?

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