The Scheepjes „Get Connected“ MAL – Part II

We are diving into week to of the SCHEEPJES “Get Connected” MAL but first of all I want to thank you all for participating and for the many encouraging words and likes you give to each other on social media, especially in the official SCHEEPJES groups where the main action is happening:

OFFICIAL Scheepjes – International Group


Official Scheepjes – Nederlandse Groep

You really restored my faith in social media in general. If you are not already a member of these groups, join them you will find a lot of inspiration and a loving crafting community there!

This week we do a little round up and I want to show you few color combinations I really liked.

Please remember that even if this is a Make A Long we all work in different speed. This is not a competition, do not feel stressed if you see someone who has already finished a cushion. The pattern is out there and it will be there even after the MAL. I hope you all have fun with the patterns and the MAL so far. Next week we are going for the decreases and I will tell you a few things about the wrap design.

I need to be a step ahead just to be able to show you the next step next week. So my finished square is fresh from the hook, using Scheepjes River Washed Nile and Scheepjes Stone Washed Amazonite.

We also had a little poll about my border color on Instagram and in the Official Scheepjes – International Group.

The winner was Scheepjes River Washed Wheaton. And I, of course follow your command.

I also want to remind you of the amazing step by step tutorials made by Esther of It’s all in a Nutshell. I think it is fantastic that she gives a lot of people the opportunity to visually learn a new technique. A big, big thank you that you put a lot of knowledge, time and love into this videos. It is appreciated by many!

Scheepjes Get Connected MAL – Part I (right hand crocheters)

Scheepjes Get Connected MAL – Part I (left hand crocheters)

Esther will join us next week again and show you the decrease part in another step by step video!

So here are a few color combinations i really liked. In fact I liked ALL color combinations I have seen so far, so this is just a little, random round up without any judgement:

Scheepjes Whirl Liquorice Yumyum – Poppin Candy by @sjcrochet86 (Instagram)
Riverwashed Yarra and Wheaton by @creabea_anja
Scheepjes River Washed Avon and Tiber by @alisonw722
Scheepjes Stone Washed Amazonite and Enstatite by Tammy of Canadutch. (theank you for beeing a lovely coordinator of this MAL! and for this wonderful verison)
Scheepjes Colour Crafter Verviers and Hilversum by @mermelba (Instagram)
Scheepjes Stone Washed Deep Amethyst and Lilac Quarty by Jacqueline
Scheepjes River Washed Colorado and Seine by @craftyarcticfox (Instagram)
Scheepjes Stone Washed Obsidian and Crystal Quartz by @tubefedvegan (Instagram)
Scheepjes River Washed Narmada and Avon by @reccalynn (Instagram)
Scheepjes River Washed Po and Stone Washed New JAde by @jo_mymakes (Instagram)
Scheepjes River Washed Steenbras and Narmada by @artiphytheheart (Instagram)
Scheepjes Colour Crafter by @bobblesandfluff (Instagram)
Scheepjes Stone Washed Moon Stone and River Washed Congo by Theresa Pearson

Follow Scheepjes on Facebook and Instagram to be sure to not miss any exciting news about this MAL and all the other great projects they have in store.

Scheepjes Cahlista by Katherine Martinet

The official hashtags for this MAL are: #ScheepjesMAL #GetConnectedMal #ScheepjesStoneWashed #ScheepjesRiverWashed don´t forget to use them when sharing your projects in social media.

or simply tag @martin_up_north on your social media.

You can also click here to add the CONNECTED CUSHION or here to add the CONNECTED Mega WRAP to your favorites on Ravelry.

You will find your local SCHEEPJES dealer or favorite online store HERE.

Get connected!

Part III of the Scheepjes “Get Connected” MAL will be up and running on the 19th of May.

Community over Competiton ❤


10 thoughts on “The Scheepjes „Get Connected“ MAL – Part II

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  1. Hi Martin, round 107, dutch translation has a mistake in it. In the repeat is a 3st missing. It should read (3v, 3st, 3v, 1st, 3v, 3st).

    Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Martin

        I can’t seem to answer on your site, but it’s on Ravelry where the mistake is in the dutch pdf.


        Liked by 2 people

      2. I just checked it and you might have downloaded an older version. The actual pdf has the right stitchcount. You also should have received an email that you can download the newest version.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. Hi martin I checked again, and i seemed to have missed an update. So sorry! The cushion will be finished this weekend, it a double one, so i will post the pictures on facebook!

        Thanks ever so much for an awesome pattern and all the work! Jellie Snijders


        Liked by 1 person

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