The Scheepjes „Get Connected“ MAL – Part III

This is the third part of the SCHEEPJES “Get Connected” MAL and I am so full of joy when I see all the wonderful colors you share in the groups where all the action is happening:

OFFICIAL Scheepjes – International Group


Official Scheepjes – Nederlandse Groep

Look at all the fun we had last week. And this is only a small sample of all your beautiful work:

Good news: both patterns are now available in french too on Ravelry. A free version in french will also appear here on the blog as soon as I find the time… Thanks for the translation Defilé d’aiguilles et de crochet

As I said before this week our ways will part. Those who work on the cushion are going to start decrease and finish the square. Those who are going for the Wrap are going to go on increasing, and go on, and go on, and go on……

Row 69 was the last row that is exactly the same in the cushion pattern and in the wrap pattern.

Those who do the cushion are going to do a row with the same amount of stitches as in row 69 now and after that every row is decreasing from now on with 2 stitches every row.

The decreases are in the beginning and in the end of each row.. So instead of crocheting 2 stitches in the first and last stitch of every row, you crochet two single crochet together over the first and last two stitches of every row. (remember that you do those stitches through both loops).

You finish the square with a 3 single crochet together. In that way you should have perfect symmetry. Remember that you started with 3 single crochet in the very first row?

Wonderful Esther of It’s all in a Nutshell is with us again and she did a superb, very helpful step by step tutorial for the second part again. And you will find it here:

Get Connected Video Tutorial Part II (right hand)

Get Connected Video Tutorial Part II (left hand)

What I do when I finish a square, is, even if the border is still missing, I am going to block it. I like to show the semi-finished product some extra appreciation and in that way you can also verify if the measurements are good.

Blocking is the key.

We also had a little poll in the Facebook groups and on Instagram and of course I follow your command and going to crochet the border in SCHEEPJES River Washed Wheaton (in the middle)

Next week I am going to give you more details about the border and a few options about finishing the cushion.

So let us attack the Connected Mega Wrap. To understand the pattern better, which also means that you can adapt it as you want, I want to give you some information about the differences of the mathematical never-ending pattern and the crochet pattern I wrote.

The pattern is basically squares that multiply themselves in 4 (which creates a new square) that are connected in the center.

We can assume that the first picture is 1 square ( it is actually the third repeat in the mathematical formula…. but, but…) :

The second picture is 4 times one square

And the third is four times the second picture and that is also the cushion size. The cushion pattern is exactly following the mathematical formula which also means that it is only one long, never ending line which is connected ONE time.

So the next size is four times a cushion with a connection square in the center (left side)

What I did in the wrap pattern is that I added more connection points just to have the squares a little more… well… connected (right side) and it gives you more options to finish the pattern earlier if you do not want to go the whole road to 4 times, 4 cushions / 2 which is the wrap size and makes the wrap 8 times a cushion.

Right side again: 4 times the 4times cushion as the mathematical formula would be.

Left side with the extra connections in the written crochet pattern. And NOW you have reaches the MEGA wrap size.

The crochet pattern leads you from one corner all the way to the center. So “only” one half of this MEGA square is crocheted. You finish so to say when you reach the diagonal (plus that you finish the little squares). The extra connection points give you the possibility to finish earlier with a full line of squares. If you do that, you will not have perfect symmetry as you do not have full big squares at the sides, but in the wrap, in my humble opinion, it is not necessary if you are not a monkish nerd like me. 🙂

I know that all this was really technical, mathematical stuff which may not be interesting for everyone. And I am not a professor in mathematics which makes it hard to explain and even harder for you to understand. But I also know that each and everyone of you is putting a lot of time, love and engagement in this pattern so I thought it would be a good idea to try to give you the differences in design and formula.

In the end it is all about the process, the fun and of course the finished item:

The official hashtags for this MAL are: #ScheepjesMAL #GetConnectedMal #ScheepjesStoneWashed #ScheepjesRiverWashed don´t forget to use them when sharing your projects in social media.

or simply tag @martin_up_north on your social media.

You can also click here to add the CONNECTED CUSHION or here to add the CONNECTED Mega WRAP to your favourites on Ravelry.

You will find your local SCHEEPJES dealer or favourite online store HERE.

Get connected!

Part IV of the Scheepjes “Get Connected” MAL will be up and running on the 26th of May.


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