The Scheepjes “Get Connected” MAL – Part IV

It is already the last week of our SCHEEPJES Get Connencted MAL. I am super happy with all the love and support you give each other in the official SCHEEPJES Facebook groups.

OFFICIAL Scheepjes – International Group


Official Scheepjes – Nederlandse Groep

I try to be ready to answer questions about the pattern but often one of the extreme skilled administrators or a fellow crocheter gives the right support long before I have the possibility to answer. That really makes me happy to see how supportive and encouraging you all are!

This week we are going to handle the tricky part. The double border and joining.

I am very happy to have Esther of It’s all in a Nutshell with us. She did very helpful tutorials again for the double border. And in case you crochet a front and backside she also did a video how to join two squares with an adaption of the border:

Esthers Video tutorials “Get Connected” MAL part III

As you know there are several options for how to make a cushion out of the square. The option I chose is to add a double border (a technique I learned from my friend TINNA from Iceland). The double border hides the lose ends between two parts so you do not have to sew in all ends.

Knot the loose ends together one and one and cut them approximately to 3 centimetre.

The first step of the double border is to crochet a round of slip stitches. I place the slip stitches in the second stitch of every row as you can see in the pictures below, starting on the right side of the increasing part. (picture 1) To make step 2 of the double border easier, I recommend to go up a half mm in needle size. (4,5mm)

After you have done the slip stitch row. You start the backside of the double border by crocheting dcs in the backloop of the slip stitches with your 4.00mm hook. Follow he chart and crochet 2 rows and create the corners as written in the pattern. If you find it hard to insert your hook in the backloop (i find it hard sometimes because my slip stitches use to be to tight) you can use a smaller hook to stretch the loop.

After that you are going to do the exact same thing on the frontside. I personally prefer to go through both loops of the slip stitches on the frontside even if there are versions of the double border that recommend that you go through the front loop only. That might be a little easier but I think the result of going through both loops is cleaner in the end.

Than you simply join the two parts of the double border with a round of single crochets as written in the pattern, hiding the loose ends between the two parts of double crochets.

Et voilá:

Now you can add the backside. It is also possible to crochet two of those together but be aware that you will have 4 layers and that it will be a thick border. Or you chose the sewing option with fabric or a cushion cover on the backside.

This is a handmade cushion cover which fits the crochet square just perfect. It is absolutely possible to buy a cushion cover in the right size and sew it on too. I prefer to have the border outside, more as a flap, but that is also a personal choice and depending on the size of your cushion.

So that was the last part of the SCHEEPJES “Get Connected” MAL but in my humble opinion we can not finish this community MAL without a little surprise from the community to the community!

The wonderful Theresa Pearson did a great job as an administrator in the OFFICIAL Scheepjes international group on facebook. And she also adapted the wrap pattern to a blanket. And best of all she wrote down everything she did and you will find her notes here:

Connected pattern adaption on Ravelry

A very special thanks to

Tammy of Canadutch who guided me with all her kindness and knowledge through all this

Alex (sunshineyalex) who had the initial idea for this pattern, tested the pattern and always supports me with her creativity,

Esther of It‘s all in a Nutshell who did amazing videos so a lot of people got a superb introduction to the world of mosaic crochet,

to all the admins and moderators in the facebook groups who did a fantastic job!

to the all the translators and helpers who found typos and mistakes in the patterns,

to all the creative souls who adapted the patterns found different (sometimes better) solutions

and of course to all of you who connected with your fellow crocheters in several ways, helped each other out, liked and commented on each other pictures and in that way made this MAL very special!

Me very happy! Thank you all for a wonderful experience!

The official hashtags for this MAL are: #ScheepjesMAL #GetConnectedMal #ScheepjesStoneWashed #ScheepjesRiverWashed don´t forget to use them when sharing your projects in social media.

or simply tag @martin_up_north on your social media.

You can also click here to add the CONNECTED CUSHION or here to add the CONNECTED Mega WRAP to your favourites on Ravelry.

You will find your local SCHEEPJES dealer or favourite online store HERE.

Get connected!


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