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It all started with the idea to have my very own logo. I have always been fascinated by lettering art, calligraphy, logo and badge design, but I have absolutely zero talent for that. My handwriting is very similar to my daughter’s, which is quite amazing for a 7 year old. But if you want to design a professional logo the odds might be agains you. On the other hand that gives you also the opportunity to look for a creative partner who has the skills to convert your ideas into actual results.

Some research on Instagram and I found lettering artist Kreatifikir and I really was into his work. And he was willing to design a hand lettering logo for me:

I really enjoyed the cooperation so we decided that our joint action should not stop with the logo.

So he designed a really cool „ stop confusing knitting with crochet“ lettering which became a print and is available in black and yellowish.

I got deeper and deeper into the lettering scene and wanted to find someone who can do an old school badge design. Soon it became clear to me that I wanted to hire Tacikworks as I become more and more fascinated by his way of designing.

When I get the question: „Why do you crochet?“ I use to answer: „I have restless hands, I always had and crochet gives me the opportunity to create something beautiful while it also keeps my hands busy“ – so the idea of the „Restless Hands Club – Worldwide“ was born.

There are two slightly different designs available.

Next up was an idea about integrating m y spirit animal – the great grey owl into a crochet related design. With Abed Azarya I found the perfect guy for that. Crochet all day and all of the night…

Stay gold… but if you do not have the same need of attention as I have, the print us also available in black.

I really want to thank this wonderful designers that they gave me the opportunity to be part of the designing and lettering process. I am really happy with the results!

And if you really made through the whole post here are the links to the print on demand stores which I chose.

SPREADSHIRT – Martin Up North Shop

RED BUBBLE – Martin Up North Shop

Both have a rich product range (Shirts, Sweaters, tote bags, mugs, coasters and so on, and so on) in multiple colors. It was really important to me that customers have the possibility to adapt the prints to their very own wishes and needs. Even the prints are adaptable in size and placement.

Please check shipping costs before ordering. They may vary, depending on in which region of this planet you are.

I really hope you have fun and like the prints as much as I do.

More to come soon from Up North…


8 thoughts on “The Good Stuff

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    1. I like your side-products with crochet/knitting humor. I tend to agree that the restless hands club may sound a bit disturbing nowdays, because it is not usually tied to handwork or art.
      I would suggest a tiny change in the “owl” shirt:
      Crochet all day and owl of the night
      (it’s an intended mistake). What do you say?

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  1. Hi I got my T-shirt ‘stop confusing….’ Size xl women’s wear. But it is really small. Can you add an extra size? Like 2xl?
    Otherwise I’m super happy!!!!!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Hej… I am really sorry about that but I am not able to change sizes or products. The shirts are „print on demand“ and produced by an exsisting online shop. Sorry… did you buy on spreadshirt or red bubble?!

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  2. Can you please unsubscribe me from your emails. I’m not able to crochet anymore and I cannot unsubscribe in the normal way without registering a website with WordPress for some reason. Thank you. Sonia Brown

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