“French Braid” by Cypress Textiles

I always try to see written crochet patterns as a source of inspiration more than a recipe you have to follow step by step. It is one of my goals with pattern writing and in my daily job as a social worker to give people tools to manage different tasks in their own way. Rachele... Continue Reading →

The “Mixtape” loop

A new knitting pattern. A big loop that keeps you warm during the cold winter days. It is in fact a variation of 11 classic nordic knitting patterns and that is also why I call it the MIXTAPE loop. It is knitted in the round with a 3,50mm circular needle. As i knit kind of... Continue Reading →

Cheating on Crochet

So here is a little story how and why I started to crochet. I moved from the beautiful City of Vienna where I was born and raised to the northern part of Sweden about 10 years ago. From the big city to the countryside. I started to learn the language and tried to find new,... Continue Reading →

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