The „Shine On“ knitted hat


I finished the hat, no, i finished a few hats to be precisely. Five hats in different yarn, color and needle sizes. I will show you all of them and give you a little information about them. It is not very easy to take pictures in the Swedish winter. We have about 5 hours of daylight right now and we do not even talk about sunny hours but sunny minutes here. But sometimes we have the most amazing sunsets (at 2 pm) so I hope I was able to catch the hat’s soul in a good way.. But lets start with the first hat:

Scheepjes Merino Soft: colors: Wood / Van Gogh: Yarn used: 50g (Wood), 21g (Van Gogh) and / Needle size used 3,5mm for the cuff and 4.00mm for the pattern part. Fits both of my girls who are 4 and 7 years old.

On the right: Scheepjes Merino Soft in colors Da Vinci / Millais, Yarn used: 53g (DaVinci) 18g (Mallais), needle size: 4.00mm cuff 4,50mm pattern part. Fits children and women.

A few words to the Scheepjes Merino Soft yarn. This is a superb, as the name says, super soft yarn. And that means also that sized and gauge can vary a lot. We had the same challenge with sizes with the “Common People” hat which is also crafted in Merino Soft. It worked perfectly for me and it has a wonderful appearance. Some people have to go up in needle size, others have to downsize to get the right size. This is a little learning by doing but it is definitely worth it. I will also give you my gauge in the written pattern just to have something to compare with.

Scheepjes Metropolis double stranded, colors: Cairo / Liverpool. I worked with two balls in every color and I used 34g of each ball of Cairo and 12g of each ball of Liverpool. I used 4.00mm and a 4.50mm needles and this size fits all (if your children like bigger hats). I did a slightly longer brim on this one.

Double stranded Scheepjes Metropolis in Krakow and Seoul. 27gr used of each ball of the mighty red Krakow and 13gr of each ball of Seoul. 4.00mm/4.50mm needles used as with the hat above. One size fits all.

I am also working on a 4.50mm and 5.00mm version using double stranded Metropolis as I want my personal hats quite big. This really will be a big heads only version.

The pattern is in testing right now and @sunshineyalex did not only test the written version with the suggested yarn. No, she also did a version in Scheepjes Spirit, double stranded which turns out super fantastic. And because she is a craft addict and unstoppable she knitted the hat in 2 different colorways: Lion/Wolf and she used 59gram of Wolf and 17gram of Lion (all together that is). The hat fits children, and smaller adult heads. The other colorway is gazelle/turtle.

I did the maths and with the 80 colors of Metropolis you have 3160 different color combinations and with the 56 colors of the Merino Soft range this makes 1540 possibilities. Not included the possibilities you get when you change the color of the cuff or make them the other way around. So there is almost no border for your creativity. The hat is knitted with circular needles (40cm) and double points in the end when you decrease the amount of stitches. I hope you have all the hard facts and you can buy your SCHEEPJES yarn right away at your local dealer or order it HERE .

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!

Have Fun. Stay tuned. The pattern will appear pretty soon,


9 thoughts on “The „Shine On“ knitted hat

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  1. Good GRIEF, Martin ! – not just switching to knitting, but fair isle !!
    I won’t follow you there, but remain a very keen fan of your mosaic crochet.
    You are an impressive craftsman,

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  2. I’m with M-R!! I hope the wonderful lady who taught you to crochet sees these hats. You always challenge yourself and produce something simply amazing. The hats are beautiful.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. These hats are beautiful. I am learning to knit but having lots of problems with my tension because of acute pain that resulted from an accident. Some day I will be able to knit myself by maybe not as intricate a design. You are a great source of information.
    Thank you!

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