The Up Early – Up North Hat

As a father of two girls (one and four years old) I am up early often. In the summertime, this gives me the opportunity to watch and photograph wild animals like moose, deer and foxes who are all around our house in the woods, in the north of Sweden. In winter aurora borealis, the northern lights are sometimes visible from our porch.

But it can get really cold up here. Minus 25 degrees Celsius are quite common. It is not a good idea to leave the house without proper clothes including a hat. I have always had a soft spot for traditional nordic patterns which are often knitted. As i am not a good knitter (especially not with more than one colour) i tried to crochet a hat inspired by nordic knitting patterns. And it turned out to be quite beautiful in my humble opinion.

Foto 11.11.17, 14 08 19

My big girl Lotta has been the first familymember to get a new hat. And as i really liked the look of it i decided that everyone in my family should get one in different colours. Lottas hat is crocheted in Scheepjes / Colour Crafter (1010 Amsterdam / 2005 Oostende) and a 4,5 mm hook.

I also decided to write my first pattern which will be released soon.

More adventures ahead. More to come soon from up north…


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  1. Love the hat and the story that inspired it. Have tried to print off the pattern without success. I might not want to use the yarn suggested since it would be my first attempt and not sure how it would work out. Can a worsted weight be used.

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    1. Wortsted can be used. I do not know how big the hat will be. You may have adjust stitchcount to yarnsize. Have fun!


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