Free Pattern: The Up Early – Up North Hat

My first ever pattern. I really, really hope you like it. Feedback is more than welcome.


A very special thanks to the Queen of Swedish Crochet Design MijoCrochet who helped me with the pattern and tested it. I highly recommend her blog if you do not already follow her. She designs the most fantastic patterns! It would not have been possible without your help!

The Up Early – Up North Hat UK terms

The Up Early – Up North US / european terms

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog and use #martinupnorth

More adventures ahead, more to come soon from up north…


35 thoughts on “Free Pattern: The Up Early – Up North Hat

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      1. I LOVE this pattern but really struggling and I wouldnt say I’m a beginner. I dont understand where you are putting some stitches. Any help?!

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      2. Feel free to contact me on Facebook or Instagram. I think it is easier to guide you through this there… 😊


  1. Hi Martin. When working the mosaic….do I turn my work after each round or do I continue on the same side? Do you have a video tutorial available? I am battling a bit but determined to figure it out.

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    1. There are a couple of errors in the pattern, the mosaics sc is one, the other is the sc decrease rounds that only work if you do the smallest size


      1. Hi, the sc is a typo. It is a normal mosaicdc. And right, i did not do the math for reduction for all sizes… sorry


  2. Hi there, just found you off a Pinterest post. I’m in the middle of the pattern and reading ahead I got confused. The line under Part 3 about extra rows. Can you explain that further? Thanks so much for providing the pattern.


  3. I am OBSESSED with the way this hat looks and I can’t wait to make it… BUT I’m a very visual learner. Can you suggest a video or YouTube link that shows this?
    Thanks so much for sharing!

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  4. Thank you for the pattern, the hat is lovely. I’m struggling a bit with following the pattern and am also a visual learner. Have you done a video or can you recommend one?

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    1. Hi Martin, you talented thing, you! Try as I might I can’t seem to find the free pattern, which you so generously agreed to share. Ya, know it’s all about the money these days. Where exactly is the link? Thanks

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  5. Yes, please make a video! This pattern is incredibly hard to follow, and I’m an advanced crocheter. It’s such a beautiful hat and I’d love to make one to match my new coat.

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  6. I’m finding the pattern difficult to follow also, I’m not sure where to start my rounds as starting them at the first stitch of the round the pattern doesn’t follow correctly where the stitches should be placed.


  7. Hola Martín!!!! Saludos quiero hacer este gorro pero no entiendo muy bien. 😦 el ingles. Tienes un video que podría ver para seguir los pasos?? Saludos de chile 💕


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