A summer project – still hooked on waves

My new summer project in the making. It is still a WIP but I can give you a some information that you might find interesting.

Crocheted in the one row mosaic crochet technique using SCHEEPJES Cahlista as I also told you in the previous post about this blanket.

As you can see it is a wave inspired motive (again) I am trying to crochet. The initial idea came from the wonderful @sunshineyalex again who sent this Instagram post to me and thought that it would be a very good idea to try to crochet this wonderful peace of art.

So I tried to put this in a crochetable piece.

The pattern is based on a 34 stitch repeat and in my version with 6 repeats (plus 5 stitches on the sides which makes 209 stitches all in all) the blanket will be 140 cm in width (without the border). You are going to need 4 balls of yarn of each color except the first and the last color of the blanket (3 balls). In length every color adds 15 cm to the blanket. So I guess I am going to use 12 colors (plus one color I am going to need as a background color for the last repeat).

I used the following colors in this order to the point I am right now:

Saffron, Ultramarine, Lime, Rust, Mercury, Amethyst, Sweet Orange,

I also got some new colors which, in my opinion make this blanket even more happy.

The colors I am going to add are:

157 Root Beer, 394 Shadow Purple and 110/Jet Black

And Root Beer is also the next color that is going to be added. From there on I am going to take it step by step…

The “Jet Black” might not make it into the pattern but might be the choice for the border (might, might, might…)

If you already want to take a look at the rich color options of the SCHEEPJES Cahlista, you will find it here.

The test for the pattern is of course done by @sunshineyalex and she is going to do it in SCHEEPJES Softfun which you will find here.

You will find your local SCHEEPJES dealer or favorite online store HERE.

If you use my patterns and post pictures in social medias it would be nice to link or refer to my blog  www.martinupnorth.com and use #martinupnorth . Feedback is more than welcome!

It will take some time until this blanket will be finished but stay tuned… more from Up North soon.


6 thoughts on “A summer project – still hooked on waves

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  1. Grew up and lived very, very close to the ocean and miss it now. LOVE the theme of your new project, Martin. I will, indeed, to fold this into my makes for later this year or 2022, for sure. Thank you so very much.

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