Connected – stor fyrkant – kuddstorlek – på svenska – gratis mönster

Det första mönstret i "CONNECTED" serien. Virkat in SCHEEPJES  River washed och en Stone Washed kant. Enough talking  -let´s crochet! Mer information om mönstret och mosaic tekniken på engelska kan du hitta här: Something new… WIP „Connected“ I’m gonna get myself CONNECTED En större version kan du hiatta HÄR: Om du vill stötta mitt arbete kan... Continue Reading →

Reveal: „Pure Shores“ blanket

Yes, the new blanket is called "Pure Shores". Yes, it is because of the All Saints song featured on the Original Motion Picture Soundtrack of "The Beach". And yes, I feel a little bit ashamed that I like the song. But hey, everyone has his very own guilty pleasure. I will give you some information... Continue Reading →

WIP: Happiness comes in waves

I already told you that there is a new crochet blanket in my mind. And this idea made it to my hook and now I am in the middle of crocheting this pattern. Simple as that. The pattern is based on the wavy border pattern which is quite common. There are a lot of tutorials... Continue Reading →

Back to the crochet game!

I know, I know, it was a lot of knitting the last few weeks and month. Right now I try to balance things out and I have a new crochet project on my hook. And guess what? I am aiming for a new blanket since i did not crochet bigger things since the pattern release... Continue Reading →

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